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Dobro Lessons: How To Wear The Picks

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All right, so I talked a little
bit about about picks and some gear.
I wanna show you exactly how you wanna
wear these picks.
Just get a little more in-depth with that.
So, when you put these picks on, you wanna
make sure they're down onto your finger.
Nice and snug with just a little bit of
the tip
face protruding out past your fingertip.
Now different people will bend this pick
face more upper or more straight.
It's kinda up to you.
I use sort of something that would be in
the middle of the road.
It looks about like that.
These are pro-picks.
These are my favorite picks.
They're the picks that I, that I use.
So I just wanna give you a little bit more
in depth onto that.
Because, as I say, getting these picks on
getting working with them can be a little
bit take a little bit of time.
But the pro-picks to me tend to have the
most comfort for me.
The other thing I wanted to talk briefly
about is this particular instrument,
and, and the different wood choices you
can get in, in a Dobro.
There's all different types of woods
you'll see Dobros made of these days.
This here is a, a Meredith built resonator
guitar, a Dobro.
This is his new model.
It's it's called an eclipse.
It's made of all solid maple and maple
tends to be
one of the premiere tone woods for a
With flat top guitars it's generally other
woods, but for Dobro it seems to be maple
and one big reason for that is the sustain
that maple has.
One cool thing about the Dobro is its
The notes really ring out for
a long time and a lot of that is due, to,
to the maple wood, and it also has a nice
bright sound.
Maple tends to have a brightness which you
can really hear on some high notes.
So it's a real clear,
bright, sustained sound.
Now you can get Dobros made of mahogany,
rosewood and
spruce laminates, different types of
All of those can be great.
It depends on what kind of tone you're
looking for.
But as I say, this is what I happen to be
playing today.
It's the Meredith Eclipse made out of
solid maple.