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Now that you've gone through this warm-up
routine, you've, you're starting to get
the hang of what they are and what the
routine is.
You can do this through each time you warm
up from the beginning to the end.
Or the more familiar you are with each
you can fashion your own routine out of
the warm ups that I've given you.
I would like to know what you're doing as
far as your routine goes.
So, when you're ready what I'd like you to
is record what your routine is, just give
me a little bit.
Of each one.
So I can see what are you going from and
to the next and make sure that it's the
best routine for you.
Again, this is going to be, my request for
the discovery of what you find the best
routine is for you.
I don't need.
A whole, you know, whatever 20 minutes, of
So, just a little bit of each one so I see
what you're going from, and
what's the next one, and what's the next
one, and
any comments that you have about that so
that I can guide you best.
Then, send me a song right after you've
done your warm
up routine so I hear how it's affecting
your voice.