Interactive Online Learning: Interview with the Founders of ArtistWorks

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Ed Turner of Seniors Web Radio has published an interview with David and Patricia Butler about our interactive online learning model here at ArtistWorks. Ed asks how the idea of ArtistWorks all came about, which David explains with his own story of wanting to develop a better way for learning guitar. Remember what they say about necesity being the mother of invention? It's true. 
"I started thinking about my background at AOL and the idea of creating online communities. I wondered if we could create an online community of guitar students like me, and we could hire a mentor to help us all collectively learn how to play jazz guitar - that was the seed of the idea. The idea would be that each of these guitarists would chip in a little bit of money each month, and we would basically retain this teacher as our 'guitar guru' and we would learn together. And we would see what he taught us, but also what he taught other people.  
From that we developed the idea of ArtistWorks, where we have a leader of a community (a teacher, a great instructor, in the case of music a virtuoso musician), who is there and people join by subscribing (that's how we pay this person), and we all learn by submitting our videos for evaluation to the teacher. And then we get to see the evaluation from what we submitted. But the most important thing, is that we can also see the exchanges between the other students and the teacher." - David Butler, CEO of ArtistWorks

Click on the link to listen to the interview on Seniors Web Radio

How to Record Video on iPhone or iPad for ArtistWorks

recording videos on iphone or ipadKnowing how to record video on iPhone or iPad is a very useful thing to master these days.  Whether you're at a concert or just at home, it's something that can really come in handy when you want to capture the moment without a traditional video camera.  Especially in our increasingly mobile world, recording video on iPhones is becoming more and more common for everyone from amateur YouTubers to established filmmakers.  And since all of our online learning schools use Video Exchange™ technology, it's very important that our students know how to record video on iPhone or their iPad - and also that they know how to submit them to their teachers in the most efficient way possible.  

A common issue we see with our students is that their videos are sometimes upside down once they've been processed by our system. To avoid this, here's some quick tips about recording videos on iPhone or iPad that will ensure that your video doesn not come out upside down or sideways (hint: it's all about right orientation):

String Visions on the Future of Online Music Education

classical music education

Here's a nice article on String Visions about the "Future of Classical Music Education" featuring ArtistWorks. This is part 1 of a series that Colin Cronin is writing about online music education and the role technology plays.  Click on the image to read more! 

Learning Online with Education Technology

In a book entitled "Mindset: The New Psychology of Success", author Carol S. Dweck points to motivation as an even greater indicator of success than previously thought.  More often, she proposes, success in one's work comes as a byproduct of one's passion. 

It's true, findings indicate that the most successful people are those who would be doing the exact same job even if they weren't successful at it. In education, this means that the most successful teachers are likely to be those who actually enjoy teaching and thus approach their jobs with passion. 

Given this, the goal of any educational system should be to put passionate teachers in front of students. New developments in online learning and education technology make it possible for passionate teachers to reach far more students than they ever could in a physical classrooms. Sounds good, right?
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