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Nov 24

Hey all,

I'm currently in Denmark at a writing camp, creating new songs together with fellow songwriters from all over Europe. I enjoy these song camps, where labels and publishers invite writers, presenting new leads for the artists. Then the writers are working intensly for a few days trying to deliver hit songs. This specific camp is aiming at the artists in Korea and Japan, a market that I've been fortunate to work with during the last couple of years. This past week I had two songs released with Korean boybands B1A4 and A-Peace. Also I few big singles I've been part of writing are coming out in Asia in December. I'm always happy to write songs in different styles, everything from jazz to K-pop.

After a long period of writing I had the pleasure of doing a clinic in Amsterdam for the Guitar Academy as shown on the pic below. It was a pleasure talking and playing for/with the talented students. After that I made a quick stop in Germany at a Guitar festival near Freiburg. Since I don't do that many performances these days it's fun to do come out from the studio and play at times :)

Have a great weekend!

Regards Andreas


Nov 23

Here is the CD artwork for my soon-to-be-released album, "I Can Destroy." 

I discovered the artist (Barney Ibbotson) from doing some internet searching with the phrase "electric brontosaurus." Many images came up, but this was my favorite.

More internet searching led me to other dinosaurs (and even a cow) that Barney had done. I liked everything, so I contacted him to see if could make some custom artwork for my CD cover. I love the result. Many thanks to Barney!

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Nov 16

talk jazz with george whitty

Join us for a live, online hangout on Saturday, Nov. 21, at 11 AM Pacific Time with ArtistWorks jazz piano teacher George Whitty. We'll enjoy George's piano artistry and have a lively chat about all things jazz. No registration is required, just watch the live stream on the ArtistWorks YouTube channel as it happens from the video link here:

Nov 13

As many guitarists know, playing along to classics is a great way to reinforce the feel of the music. Around the time we launched the Electric Country School at ArtistWorks I was asked to name some classic country songs that people should definitely check out. So here are 6 classic country guitar songs with pretty traditional chord progressions. Listen to these classics and jam along! 

1. Willie Nelson -  "Whiskey River”

Listen to how behind the beat and funky this song is - it's almost an R&B guitar rhythm part in the verses.

Nov 6

Hey all,

Hoping all is well.The last few weeks have been really great for me, many new song releases that made it all the way to the top of the charts.

1. ARASHI "Japonism"-album has been Nr 1 in Japan now for almost three weeks now selling approx 900k physical albums (more than 3x Platinum) so far, which is amazing numbers these days.

This band is the most popular boy band in Japan and the song "The Deep End" is my first release with this legendary group. During it's first week of sales, the Japonism-album was the best selling album in the world according to the Global album chart.

2. EXO, another huge Korean boy band just made their debut in Japan with the "Love Me Right"-single including my co-write "Drop That". This release is currently Nr 1 on the single chart in Japan and has sold approx 110k copies so far which means Gold record status.

3. f(x) the very popular Korean girl group released their new album "4 Walls" including my co-write "Glitter". This album is on top of the album chart in Korea as well as the Billboard World Music chart in the US.

4. I also wrote Korean boyband SHINee's single "Sing a song" that has sold approx 50k physical albums so far in Japan and was topping the single chart on the day of it's release.

Very proud and excited to have written all these songs that reaches out to millions of people. On Glitter and Drop That I also added some guitars :) Many more releases coming up at the end of this year...very thankful to be able to create new music on a daily basis.

Regards Andreas