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Apr 26

rock guitar scales

Guitar scales can seem like a daunting thing to learn, especially without a good teacher to show you the way. Luckily we have Paul Gilbert here who knows all about which guitar scales you should know for playing rock and roll, and he'll make you learn to love practicing them too. 

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Apr 26

bluegrass guitar:  walking bass

Some of the most famous bluegrass tunes consist of catchy licks that connect common chords together. These transitions are often referred to as ‘walking’ between the chords, or ‘walk ups’ and ‘walk downs,’ since they sound like you are stepping up or down to the next chord in the progression. This technique connects the two chords in a rhythmic pattern and usually goes in one direction.

So what's the secret? Lucky for us, we have Bryan Sutton's excellent lesson on the topic to help guide us on the art of walking bass. 

Apr 26

Here's the latest dates of the 100 Years of Ella Fitzgerald Tour.

More dates are in the process of being confirmed in the UK, USA, and Asia.

I'm really looking forward to working with Alison Burns to recreate those classic Ella Fitzgerald & Joe Pass duo recordings!

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Apr 25

Making their debut performance at the Blue Note Napa, we're proud to introduce the ArtistWorks Jazz Allstars! Featuring Eric Marienthal on sax, George Whitty on keys, Nathan East on bass, and Peter Erskine on drums. This was an incredibly rare lineup of ArtistWorks teachers and we were honored to film it for our students here!

As an ArtistWorks Exclusive, we've just added a special 2-part segment we recorded before the show about their ideas and methods on improvisation. 

jazz panel discussion on improvisation

Also available:

  • "Northern Cross" by Peter Erskine from the album First Steps Ahead and recently rearranged for his Dr.Um album.
  • "Sir Duke", the Stevie Wonder hit re-imagined by Nathan East for this version that appeared on his debut solo album.
  • "101 Eastbound", written by Nathan East
  • "Baby Cakes", written by Eric Marienthal & Jeff Lorber
  • "Hipnotherapy", written by Peter Erskine
  • "Goodbye Flash Superboy", written by George Whitty
  • "Renaissance Man", written by George Whitty
  • "Puentes", written by Chuck Loeb & Eric Marienthal
  • "Hawaii Bathing Suite", written by Peter Erskine
  • "Last Minute Blues", written by Chuck Loeb & Eric Marienthal
  • Plus "How to Prepare for a Gig" and more! 

It's all available in the Learn Area, here's how to find it: From anywhere within your school, click on the Learn icon on the left, then choose the +Music tab, and in there you’ll see it labled as "ArtistWorks Jazz Allstars - Live at the Blue Note in Napa". 

Apr 24

classical guitar vibrato 1

Jason Vieaux aptly describes vibrato as a classical guitarist to make the guitar sing. It's a key component of adding a lyrical element to a piece of music, so let's discuss some different ways to improve your technique. Soon your vibrato will have your guitar singing like a star.