Oct 12

country guitar player ray flacke

Electric Country Guitar with Guthrie Trapp is coming soon to ArtistWorks. In the meantime, here are 7 country guitar players that you should get familiar with along with a brief description from Guthrie about what makes them each so great. 

1. Ray Flacke

"Ray is an English guitar player that was a major innovator of country guitar playing. His use of double stops, rhythmic playing and use of mainly front pick up and little to no pedals was very unique. Ray is a great guy and good friend."

Oct 6

Hello Fellow Guitarists!

Back off the road from great gigs all over the world, I am checking in with the greatest guitar hang ANYWHERE - ArtistWorks!!

Hope all of you are doing well and guitaring to your heart's content.

I recently finished a tour of Asia with Fourplay where we debuted music from the 25th Anniversary CD "Silver". We had many great shows, of which one highlight was The Tokyo Jazz Festival, where we were joined by original member Lee Ritenour, and my immediate predecessor in the band Larry Carlton. What a thrill to sheare the stage with these two masters!

Here's a pic of us at the rehearsal:

chuck loeb, lee ritenour, larry carlton

I also want to share info about upcoming gigs and activities, so here is my latest newsletter with a link to all the shows.

I hope to see some of you if we come to your area, and of course looking forward to your VE's!

Seeya 'round campus!


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Oct 5

bryan sutton

Congratulations go out to Bryan Sutton for winning the 2015 IBMA Award for Guitar Player Of The Year! This marks the 9th IBMA Award for Bryan and we couldn't be prouder to have him be part of the ArtistWorks Guitar Faculty. Here's what Bryan says:

"I'm honored to receive this award. I don't play, write or perform with this kind of accolade in mind at all. Nobody gets into bluegrass with ideas of fame and fortune. I'm a fan of the process. I enjoy encouraging folks to find their own voice and their own process.

"At the awards ceremony I felt like sharing a few names of some great guitarists who are out there playing some amazing music. These players are part of the future of bluegrass. Some folks may know of these players but probably not all.

"The list I came up with is not complete and I could and should probably think of more to add, but this is what hit me at the time: Seth Taylor, Chris Eldridge, Jake Workman, Trey Hensley, Caleb Smith, Chris Luquette, Courtney Hartman, Rebecca Frazier, Jordan Tice, Grant Gordy, Billy Strings, John Stickley, Zeb Snyder, Molly Tuttle, Presley Barker."

Click here for a full list of 2015 IBMA Award winners!

Sep 28

country guitar licks  - guthrie trapp

As you may or may not have noticed, there's a new name on our list of online guitar teachers here at ArtistWorks. That's right, we're going country. Residing in Nashville, Guthrie Trapp is one of the scene's hottest session players and a master when it comes to playing electric country guitar. Click here to learn more and save 20% before we launch! 

He was in our studio recently and we asked him what he thinks are some of the most classic country guitar licks. Here's his Top 6:

Sep 26

I wasn't trying to look like the bass player from The Bangles in 1989, but sometimes things just happen that way.

I still have this guitar (although the bridge and pickups have changed once or twice.) I'll bet I could find a similar jacket. But the hair is going to take me a while. 

Rock and Roll!


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