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Aug 21

bluegrass allstars live at rockygrass

Good News: We have some exclusive new videos for anyone in our bluegrass schools. It's the ArtistWorks Bluegrass All Stars performing live at RockyGrass 2016!

The two songs are played back to back: "The Puppy Belly Dance" and "Fox Chase". We also uploaded their performance of "State Line".  There's a fun impromptu dueling guitar portion between Michael Daves and Bryan Sutton in that one, very entertaining! After that Mike Block leads the gang in "Johnny B. Goode".  Next we have their performance of "Chief Sitting in the Rain". For anyone who plays mandolin, Mike Marshall teaches a great version of this in his school. 

We added "I'm Blue, I'm Lonesome", a classic bluegrass tune that Bill Monroe wrote with Hank Williams a long time ago. Michael Daves teaches how to sing both the lead and tenor vocal parts in multiple keys in his intermediate curriculum for those interested in adding this to your jam list. 

Next we added another classic: "Way Downtown" by Doc Watson classic. It's sung here by Bryan Sutton and Michael Daves in this lively performance. For the fiddlers out there, Darol Anger teaches this tune in his Beginner and Intermediate curriculum. For Mandolin pickers, Mike Marshall teaches this in his Beginner curriculum.

Then Darol Anger kicks off a great fiddle tune titled "Cherokee Shuttle". There's some fantastic soloing by Darol, Mike, Tony, Bryan and Andy in this installment and another all around team effort from the All Stars as they rock another tune with only minutes of prep time before taking it live to a full house.

Update: We just added another great tune from this performace: "John Hardy". It's a bluegrass classic and this version is not to be missed! 

You can find all this great exclusive content +Music section of the Learn area!

Aug 17

mitch, classical guitar studentMeet Mitch, who among other things, loves music.

He’s been a guitarist most of his life. He first began playing at age 8, but when he was 13 something happened which would change the course of his musical journey forever. His grandmother took him to see the legendary Andres Segovia perform in concert. After that, Mitch knew exactly what he wanted to play: classical guitar. 

Aug 14

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a new feature around town: Messaging. This comes as a special request from our online students to add more community features so we hope you enjoy communicating with each other! Messaging is going to open the doors for new conversations and connections with like minded ArtistWorks musicians around the world. Talk about the lessons, talk about the music, talk about whatever you want!

messagingPlease note: this is a still a “beta” version of Messaging. 

We’ll be rolling out another version with added features soon, but let us know how you like this one first. Please send any feedback or questions to our Customer Service Team and be sure to tell us your Operating System and browser please. You can also email any feedback to [email protected]. Have fun!

How to Send a Message:

On the Dashboard and Community below the Shout area you can now see who’s online.

Click on the green Chat button next to someone’s name to send them a message. You can have multiple one to one Messages at the same time, and you can always minimize the windows if you just want to focus on one at a time.

You’ll see if you have any new messages near the top of the page with a little number telling you many unread there are. If you’d rather not be visible for other students to contact you, just choose the Invisible feature by clicking the Settings icon and choosing Privacy.

Now see who’s online and give Messaging a try!

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Aug 10

dobro quizzes

Good News: We just launched a new feature around here, Quizzes! These are going to test your knowledge about what's in the lessons, so if you've been spending a lot of time in the Learn channel you already have a huge advantage. You'll find multiple choice, True/False, questions with images and some audio questions too. So grab your Dobro and get started!

There are two ways to access the self-assessment Quizzes:

1. From the lesson lists in the Learn channel, if there's a Quiz you'll see it appear at the bottom of the list. Just click on it to get started. 

2. Click on the "Quizzes" button from Learn area on the Lessons & Video Exchanges menu page. Click on it to open up the Quiz Progress Board.

dobro quizzes

Our goal with these optional quizzes is to help you self-assess your music and playing knowledge. You'll get a badge for successfully completing each quizz. Best of luck to you! 

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Aug 8

I found a video clip on YouTube of a short pre-concert talk that I gave last year during a solo tour of the UK.

This is a topic that I've covered a lot in Video Exchanges here on ArtistWorks, but I thought you may be interested to watch this condensed version of how I approach solo jazz guitar improvisation.

Here's the link...

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