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Jazz Sax Lessons: “Deck the Halls”

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Okay, so now it's time
to play a Christmas classic,
Deck the Halls.
So you can see that I'm
playing my tenor sax and
I'm reading off the B flat
tenor in soprano chart.
And so for you tenor players we're playing
in the key of C as you see in your chart.
If you're playing alto or baritone, then
you're gonna be reading off the E flat
chart, and that one has one sharp
in it in The key signature.
So all of your F sharps, all
the F's that you're going to be playing
in C on the chart are sharp, F sharps.
Take note please that
while I'm talking to you,
I've got My mouthpiece cap on and
it's really important,
I can't stress this enough.
I'm stressing it all the way
through my entire school here that
when you're not playing make sure you put
your mouthpiece cap on your mouthpiece.
It protects your reed,
it protects your mouthpiece,
and it keeps the reed wet and
doesn't let it dry out.
Also as I'm playing all these songs,
you know we're starting to read,
we're playing familiar melodies,
it's great to, you wanna make
sure you're paying attention to the notes
obviously and the rhythms obviously and
all that but don't forget that
we are After all, playing music.
And so, we wanna be musical.
Being musical means that you
don't go nuts with things,
like if you were signing,
and you were inflecting,
[NOISE] changing it all
up [LAUGH] like that.
For now, we're reading these charts,
we wanna read them verbatim,
but just remember That even in
the beginning, we are playing music, and
we wanna be thinking musically.
So, that's important because
we are thinking about so
many other things to produce our chart.
We're thinking about where the mouthpiece
goes in your mouth, what the reed is like,
where our fingers are, the fingerings,
the Notes on the paper,
what rhythm, what everything.
The key signature,
the time signature, all that stuff.
And because our mind is so occupied with
all these pieces of important information,
we forget about what the goal is,
which is to make good music.
So always,
from the very first note you play, ever,
always Remember that you're playing music,
and you always want to sound good.
There we go, okay.
So I'm gonna play on tenor
this great Christmas classic,
and please play along with me.
I'm gonna play them just verbatim.
You can play along with me if you want to,
be great if you did.
But feel free to just listen if that makes
it easier, and play the Songs on your own,
and as with all these charts that you've
got in this part of my curriculum,
it'd be great if you filmed
yourself playing them,
if you like, and
send me the video so I can.
I can listen to you and
see if you're, I can give you a big
thumbs up if you're doing it well.
And I'm more than happy to do my job,
which is to make comments and
critiques if I see anything that
is necessary to comment on.
OK, so here's Deck the Halls.