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Jazz Sax Lessons: Improvisation: Advanced Blues (Alto Saxophone)

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In this lesson now I've got a blues
track for you that's a little bit faster
than the track I used earlier on.
So, you know, not terribly fast,
but it's little faster and
it's in concert F, so and
you would know which key that would be in
transpose if you watched
my transposing lesson.
So we got you covered in this
school I'm telling you right now.
You know got everything down there for
Anyway, we're in the key of D,
D7 for alto and
then I'm going to play one, Also on
tenor and that will be in the key of G.
So on this it's a little bit faster,
on this chart that's
provided in the lesson for
you if you printed it out it's,
there's a couple of turn
arounds at the end.
But, you know, it's a little bit quicker.
Feel free, now, to, again, we always wanna
identify our chords, but now feel free to
do some things differently rhythmically,
use some chromaticism, use some lines,
and this is sort of where
your influences come in.
In terms of the lines that you create.
The way you play your lines,
the way you inflect,
and all those kinds of things, too.
So make sure that you're
listening to this kind of music.
You know, Charlie Parker and Sunny Stitt
and Cannonball Adderley, certainly.
You know,every example that you
like is gonna be important.
People always say, well how did
you develop your style of playing?
Well, we all have our own personalities.
We all play the way we play ultimately.
But it's our influences that
influence the way you get to your ultimate
goal of playing the way you want to play,
playing, trusting yourself.
I do think it's important
listen to the masters,
listen to Miles and Dizzy, listen to,
like I said, Charlie Parker and
Cannonball and people that I
love to listen to in this style.
But it's good to study certain players but
ultimately you're going
to be most influenced and
you're going to get the most out of the
players who you listen to who's playing
you love, who's playing really grabs you.
And there's so
many great examples of players out there.
If you're at this stage now
you're already rocking,
I don't have to tell you who to listen to.
I've got a whole list of ideas for you,
I've spent my whole life listening to jazz
music, so if you want me to suggest any
records or particular players or whatever,
shoot me a question on the forum.
You can video, obviously,
your question as well,
and I'm glad to talk about
some of my influences.
Okay, so here's a track.
I'm gonna play along with it.
And it's a fun little
track we did a while ago.
So, here we go.
Here's our advanced
track on D boosts.