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Art Lessons: Abdominal Muscles

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the abdominal muscles flex the torso
forward and
straighten the arch of the lumbar
That's really important the abdominal
muscles are obviously part of
our core muscles.
They oftentimes get overlooked, when
But they have an incredibly potent
function on the body and
they should not be overlooked.
Now, the abdominal muscles for a male,
are a little bit more in a row.
Like this.
As where female abdominal muscles are a
little bit
more shaped like a shoe insert, believe it
or not.
So they're a little bit more shaped like
Mm, 'kay.
So that's more what the female abdominal
muscles are shaped like.
And that's more what the male abdominal
muscles are shaped like.
Now let's look at it in practice.
If we have a, we have the head.
[NOISE] And we have
The rib cage.
The abdominal muscles.
Can be really figured out by keeping that
center line and
the belly button right here to the pit of
the neck.
So center line for the rib cage, the belly
button to the pit of the neck.
So here.
See that the abdominal muscles come
all the way down and we could really even
if her see
that mid line especially right here all
the way down to the belly button.
Like that.
So, that's one way.
Now as the model bends forward
We could see.
The ribcage to here.
We could see those abdominal muscles going
Like that.
I'm just imagining that her pelvis is back
in this one.
Just wanna show you that as she falls,
the abdominal muscles are clearly very
malleable, like that.
Always finding the abdominal muscles is
just finding your center line.
Finding pit of your neck.
Finding your belly button.
And your pubic ridge right there.
So, as you can see the abdominal muscles
Bend and are flexible.
And there's even kind of what feels like a
Like that.
So, from the side.
As we look at her.
When she's elongating we could really see,
The stretch of the neck.
The ribcage.
The abdominals go all the way over and
down like that.
So as the pelvis.
Kind of tips forward like that.
The abdominal's really have
the ability to stretch, like that.
So they're always super flexible.
In fact like, when I go to the gym I
notice that.
No matter how many sit-ups you do you're
always able to work out your abdominal's
because they're so resilient.
And they have, they're so malleable,
they're so resilient, they don't really
have that ability to be exhausted like
some of your other parts of your body.
When I do quad work or I do shoulder work,
when I'm working my shoulder girdle I'm,
I'm working even my chest.
There's an exhaustion sometimes.
Where I'm like I can't work out the next
I'm way too sore.
But with your stomach.
They're, they're just always able to keep
And it's just such an important part of
our core.
You can see she's back.
The stomach.
It's just really pulling up and it's
really, really, really dynamic.
let's do another pose.
It's maybe showing some twisting.
And you could see here.
So seeing where that rib cages finding
those landmarks.
You know, right here, right here.
And a feeling the pinch side.
This comes out and down.
Look how this stretches.
And the abdominals go all the way down
like this.
You can almost feel
And go all the way to underneath
that rib cage, and you can feel how
dynamic they are.
[NOISE] The pinch side and
you could see,
you could feel.
The stomach muscles kind of extending
right in here.
So you got that feeling of elongating.