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Art Lessons: Erasers

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So we're talking about erasers.
Now Picasso said the eraser is just as
much of a tool as the pencil.
That's pretty profound when you think
about it.
So, you have seen many artists, you might
not even have known this throughout
history, that have actually created the
majority of their drawings and
even some of the paintings with erasers.
So we're going to go over some of the
erasers because obviously erasers
are a drawing tool.
We don't think about it that way.
We think of a, oh, I made a mistake.
I gotta just get, I, get that off there
with that eraser.
Well, that's not the only thing the
erasers are good for.
Obviously, that is important, for sure.
But, also, you can draw with these
It just, it just depends on what you're
looking for.
So, let's go over some of the basic ones.
Obviously, this is the most basic one.
A man by the name of Charles Goodyear, we
know him, obviously,
think of tires, invented the process of
in 1839 and made rubber erasers common.
So this is very, very common now and I
love this pink little eraser.
Because with this I can really just kinda
get in there and make clean lines.
[SOUND] Sure if I'm making a mark and
I just don't really like how it is I can
kinda go in there and erase it like that.
And in fact, I can really get into some
fine cross hatching with that.
So I could go and use this like a pencil
So I'm using this like a pencil and then
maybe even turning it around.
Oh, you didn't know it had two sides.
It's tricky.
That's right.
There we go.
Like that.
And, you know, really can, can use it
especially for
like, say there's train tracks coming at
us or whatever.
You know, you start kinda laying it down
like that.
Here comes the train tracks.
So as you can see, it starts to really
become an amazing drawing tool.
So, the rubber eraser is amazing.
So this one in particular is the, really
good for details.
The other eraser that I'm talking about
here is the kneaded eraser.
Why is it called the kneaded eraser?
Because when it gets dirty you can knead
the dirt out.
It's kinda magic.
And this is, this is made of unvulcanized
So this is the most flexible eraser.
So you can use this for like, you know,
big areas if you just kinda wanna make it
into a block and just go, just take it
away, just take it away like that or
you can make it into a fine, fine tip
eraser, and
just kinda be really sudle about things,
or you could form it like I do.
Often times I just do that and form it to
my thumb.
So that gives me a lot of pressure.
I can just take it down like that.
And actually this is my, this is my
favorite eraser, because it is so
And this is the eraser that I love the
It's got the I don't know, it's just fun
Like my, I have an eight year old daughter
she just likes to kinda sit there all day
and do this.
So, it's a really good toy.
So you just knead it.
To clean it, just knead it.
Okay, now,
there's the vinyl erasers, now this is a
really good eraser, and
it's actually very it's very, it's like a
very safe eraser.
So, sometimes your rubber eraser, if you
use this too much.
You can just damage the paper and you
start picking up the paper.
But with vinyl, I notice that,
you can, it doesn't really damage the
paper, very interesting.
So, you can use it as a wedge, and
kind of a, just put some more pencil down.
You can use it as a wedge and
kind of just get those really cool wedge
shapes like that.
Like that.
And then you can get that.
Use the edge of it like that, and get
those really thin lines.
Like that.
See so they're really great for edges for
So like if I'm doing a box like this.
There's that side of the box,
and then that side of the box, and there's
a [INAUDIBLE] shadow.
Like that.
And get that really cool, thin line there
like that.
And then like that.
Like it's hitting the top plane just a
little bit.
So this is a really interesting eraser.
The other eraser that's kind of amazing is
the electric eraser.
Why is that so amazing?
Because it's super powerful.
So this eraser is great for getting those
really detailed lights.
So let's say you have, you know just
quickly getting in an eye.
Like that.
And this is where the nose is.
It's really fast.
So if you wanna get that highlight.
So for like, I would use the rubber eraser
for a plane light, to get the top plane.
But if you really wanna get a highlight,
especially like for an eye or
a super-minute detail, you wanna come up
and use this.
Now this, right here, vinyl, and
it fits in here, like this.
So you just put it in and you could adjust
how much you wanna show.
Obviously it's gonna be a little bit more
it's gonna be a little bit more flimsy if
you have it out like that.
If you push it in it's gonna be tighter,
but you're not gonna get as much edge.
So putting it in like that.
And then you wanna really get that
Maybe a little right there in the eye.
Then you can see how clean that can be
right away.
I mean just with your eraser you can just
kind of immediately figure out what's the
best eraser for each thing.
those are just some of the erasers that
are out there,
these are the erasers that I use the most,
value your erasers,
like Picasso said, the eraser is just as
much of a tool as the pencil is.
And, I'd tell you the same thing, so use