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Art Lessons: Quick Portrait #2

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So I'm sitting here with my daughter,
and really trying to capture her spirit
and her energy.
And it's obviously where am I gonna start,
where am I gonna start?
Okay, so.
I'm just gonna start with her eye.
We're doing a quick portrait here.
kind of exaggerating the bigness of her
Taking quick measurements.
Drawing that hairline.
where that ear is, your cute ear, your
awesome ear.
my daughter likes to move around a lot.
But it's not your fault because you're
eight and
you have a tremendous amount of energy.
Because you're an insanely awesome
And you wish I was done right now don't
Oh you're good.
Just kinda moving back and
forth in different areas.
Sometimes it's easier to draw a family
Just cuz you, they look a little bit like
And other times its harder, cuz you're
like, you know.
Just so much information in there.
Now with her nose, you also have to be,
like, super subtle.
Center the, the mouth.
And this little, little landmarks are
important, like.
Like her little beauty mark right here,
says so much about her, captures the
Then their eyelashes.
Her cheeks are really pretty wide still.
That center of her part.
Take a quick measurement, it's kind of
right around here.
Wrapping around here.
Then with my daughter you can't really see
a difference between the iris and the
It's kinda one solid black shape.
You're doing amazing.
I like to draw a bottom plane and top
Cuz remember, this is just a ball here.
Sitting in space.
One thing that's nice about Prisma,
is I could, just couldn't put my pen down
and I'm not rubbing stuff off.
I'm not smearing anything.
You know, one thing about kids is their
are really thin because they're not
developed as much as adults.
But with the hair you kinda want to,
especially as it goes out, you want to
keep it pretty soft edged.
The hair is just a simple shape.
Just a simple shape.
You're amazing, [INAUDIBLE].
You're just a really great model.
Hear what I'm saying?
Okay, just making sure here.
[SOUND] Now, I wanna see the hair kinda
coming out,
like this and, to realize how soft.
That hair is and how is, it's really just
a shape.
Just one simple shape.
Like that.
And that eye.
And her features are very soft, so you
gotta be.
With adults, adults have much harder
WIth kids they, they're usually a lot
softer, a lot softer.
So, and especially cuz I'm drawing with a
I prefer, not to kind of.
Put too much down.
It's like you know you're building up with
You're building up you're building up.
You're building up, this is going this
This goes up, and then over and out there
like that.
give a little rosiness to her cheeks, to
show right here.
A little rosiness right here.
And what's gonna.
Make this really work is, the fact that
her hair's so dark.
And you can see her philtrum just a little
bit in here.
Just a little indication of her philtrum.
And here.
With the hair, you kinda just wanna look
for, negative shapes,
because it's all really, if I was gonna
paint this it's be like, one brush stroke.
Another brush stroke.
In this round I, I just wanna really.
Figure out what negative shapes are there.
And even on the edge here, it's kinda
Soft edge.
These wisps.
And this one piece here kinda really wraps
over, that hair.
Like to squint too to see.
Where my values are.
And I'm seeing this really dark, dark
As it get lighter.
And this wraps around the forehead like
And as you can see, things start to get a
little darker.
And really soften out.
Like that.
Tell me if you need a break, okay?
You need a break?
You are hardcore.
And this.
Edge of this hair comes around.
Goes down.
Eyebrows are a little too high.
And that's a little too late to bring them
Got that baby hair there, still.
And here.
Maybe a little darker.
Then, the back of the head, where it just
kinda softens out, like that.
And the top of that mouth, really sits
back there.
It's very, dark.
At the corners.
And one of those hairs kinda.
Falls over the ear.
And back.
And she really.
Is leaning forward like that.
And it's got a lot of going on, a lot of
atmosphere here.
Especially with, her hair.
I'm really gonna show, how light it is
And that rhythm of that hair.
Coming down.
And your hair is so long.
Is it time for a haircut?
Oh, yeah.
Oh no.
[NOISE] Getting that love
symbol cuz she's so loved.
If you squint
down you can see
how really dark
the hair is too.
also just really
keep looking for
those negative
Made her shapes in that hair, cuz their
just, their interesting.
There's a little bit of darkness,
behind here and.
Maybe even,
in here.
[NOISE] I'm just gonna
draw that arm by going.
That way coming down.
Picking it up,
a little bit and
coming that way mm.
Doing that way.
And just to exaggerate a point here.
[SOUND] Give a little graphic feeling with
that heart.
So, I'm
just grabbing
little bit of
of titanium
And I'm just gonna pick up.
Some of these little thing because I'm
drawing a prisma,
I like to kind of glaze over the nose and
really just put a hot spot on her nose.
It's very gentle.
Same with her mouth.
Kinda glaze over her mouth with my, mouth
with my with my fingers.
And the mouth, her mouth is very
soft-edged and
just kinda hit a little bit of a negative
shape in there
and maybe just a little highlight on the
corner and the ridge of that.
That mouth there.
And the same with her eyes.
I just see a little bit of light in here,
as I do in here.
Like that.
So light was going through, see it coming
out of the other side like that.
Very subtle like that.
With her eyes you don't really see that.
They're so dark.
So you, you more to see the darkness
of her eye, like that.
[NOISE] So you gotta be
really sparing and subtle.
With your lights, if you're gonna do
something like this.
Especially with prisma.
But you might wanna get just
her nose just a little doonk.
Her beauty mark, really dark.
A little too dark right there, but.
Knock it back a little.
See prisma can't really erase too much
with this, so
you have to, you can erase just a little
Pop, pop, corner of the mouth, pop,
corner of the mouth.
And you can go a really dark with that
hair I'm not gonna go darker just cuz
at this point it's really you know,
there's no point in,
in carrying this on without painting it
for me.
But you know, it's fun to do,
it's fun to do portraits of family
Particularly amazingly beautiful family
members who happen to be your daughter.
And who are amazing models.
Bap, bap.
That's it.
Just gonna kinda surround that
nose a little bit more darkness and
maybe give a little bit of a core,
shadow, make the cash out just
a little darker, not much [NOISE].
[NOISE] And, soften out
the hair a little.
Just little things.
This could be really softened up a little
Underneath her jaw especially.
A little rosy cheeks could be softer.
I think I captured your spirit.
So ladies and
gentlemen, my beautiful daughter and
wonderful daughter Akira.
Thank you very much, thank you.
I appreciate that, thank you.