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Art Lessons: Gesture of a Tree

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So, just as in the figure nature has,
obviously, its own dynamic presence and
So, I'm just gonna take this tree that I
snapped outside real fast and
I'm gonna show you that we can draw
gesturally even with nature.
I mean, the figure is actually one of the
most complicated things,
if not the most complicated thing to draw
So, let's take a tree and kind of apply
some of the same rules of rhythm.
Oh, here we'll start with the top of that
And go all the way down to this bark in
You have, it's pinching.
It's wrapping around.
Wrapping around.
Up here.
It's wrapping.
Like that.
And here you have the other side that's
tucking but wrapping.
Whoops, wrapping around.
Like that.
There's this shape here.
I'm moving back into space like that.
And this is wrapping.
And jutting out from the ground in a kind
of a crazy diagonal.
Wrapping around.
And this form which is this.
[SOUND] Just crazy energy behind that.
It's wrapping, wrapping, wrapping, just
think about it sculpturally.
Wrapping, hm.
And here, this is coming out.
This lower coming out.
And obviously there's.
That's going that way
And as you could see, there's a certain
energy and rhythm here.
As this goes up, this goes around.
There these knots in the tree that are
like a lot of pinches in the tree just
like, just like with the figure.
Specially here, it seems like there's a
lot of, lot of wrapping that's going on.
This overlaps, a lot of overlap.
So, you know, here's the beginning.
Kind of a block in phase of that gesture.
And you could really just see how similar,
how figurative almost this is.
Kind of amazing.
And you could start.
It all has a rhythm to it, like that.
Even the leaves have this beautiful rhythm
to it.
And beautiful gesture to it.
Yep, there you go.
Quick gesture of a beautiful tree.
Everything has rhythm, everything is
alive, everything is active.
C curves.
S curves.
You see something in nature and it
inspires you to just draw it,
get it down but don't think about it.
Just kinda tracing it and going so slow
and just really think about it as
a living, breathing organism and it's
moving and it's dancing.