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Art Lessons: Drapery: The Cape

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the cape fold, is the only fold where the
material is being affected by an external
Like when Superman is flying, you can see
his cape billowing in the wind.
Or when you see a Twyla Tharp dance, and
there's a cape billowing in the wind.
That is not affected by the figure, it's
not a, it's not draping over an object.
It's getting affected by the external
influences surrounding that material.
So in simple terms, and I'll just kinda
just jot this out of my head.
You have two tension points and you are
running the energy from there.
So one from here,
let's say.
you could really feel the wind picking up
underneath it.
Dunt ta dunt, dun!
You could
just see
Where the wind is catching that pocket
right there.
That's my wind sound,
cuz you could just feel it.
You can, feel that.
There we go.
Now, obviously that's a basic cape fold.
There's many different kinds of capes and
materials flying in the wind.
There's a different kind of Superman cape
than there is a Underdog cape.
And, you know, you just have to make up
your own.
But know that, that's a different kind of
a fold that's out there, so.
If you get the pinch fold, the spiral
fold, the cape fold, the cylinder fold.
The u-fold, the inert fold, and all the
other folds.
You're gonna be a fold master.