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Art Lessons: Vase Face

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This lesson is very fun.
You might have done it somewhere along
your art training,
you might have never have done it.
But it's really, really fun, and it is
called Vase Face, or Vas Fas.
And Vase Face is a lesson of the
hemispheres of your brain.
So, I'm gonna start out drawing one side
of the page, a face.
And as I draw the face, I'm going to name
each feature that I put down.
So, it's very symbolic.
And that is a very typical way that you
when you draw with your left hemisphere,
is you wanna name everything.
You wanna give everything a title.
Everything has to be symbolic.
Then, I'm gonna do an opposite mirrored
image silhouette of the face.
And I'm not gonna name it all, I'm just
going to copy the other silhouette.
And what that will do is that will make a
shift of consciousness
into the right hemisphere of my brain.
And by doing that, I will no longer be
under the influence
of my symbolic, naming, labelling, left
hemisphere of my brain.
But I will be drawing on the right side of
my brain.
Well, I will lose all understanding of
time, and
I will be in the matrix of the unknown.
It's like a magic trick, right?
And here I come.
So check this out, Vase Face, and you
gotta try this at home.
This is really fun, could be like one of
the best exercises ever.
So here I'm drawing, here's the top of the
And here we're drawing a forehead,
and I'm drawing a glabella,
and the nose, and
now I'm drawing the mouth,
and join the chin.
Like that.
That's how fast that is.
I'm just gonna draw the top.
Top right
there and.
Right here.
[SOUND] And top right there.
So, okay.
So, now here,
I'm not gonna think about naming anything
at all.
I'm just gonna kind of lose myself in
mirroring that image.
This is a curve going that way.
This piece.
Everything becomes kind of a piece,and a
curve, and a C curve.
And I don't even know what it is.
Well that was intense.
Believe it or not, you really kinda lose,
you go into another dimension.
That's really, it's really true.
It's 100% true.
You actually go into a whole other
dimension, and anyway that's
a really good exercise cause now
you could kind of, well let me kind
of just darken the area around it so
you can see my [NOISE] vase that I've
You really have to try this, I mean I, I
just kinda.
Just teleport to another dimension and
its really interesting, almost hard to
So, then you could check your
So, like here and here, they don't really
line up.
I mean this really, this would better had
I brought it down to here obviously.
But when you don't name it, you don't get
caught up
in being symbolic and labeling.
Here going straight across, I'm a little
You know, you can always check this by
doing this, is it at the same angle?
And, doing these kind of things when you
find that angle,
seeing if it's proportionate.
I think the nose, it's just a little weird
This is a little higher, like that.
You know, this angle here you could see
This angle there and then you could count
Is that equidistant to that?
This is actually a little longer, so I
messed up there a little.
So that's kind of how you can check it.
But overall, vase face is a very
compelling exercise to do to improve your
with respect to how you receive visual
It's a way to get you out of that
labeling, left hemisphere,
linear mind frame and into the right
hemisphere where you're
not labeling, categorizing, but just