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Paul's Response:

Hi gurumaia,
I don't want your thumb to hurt, so please be careful. But, I also don't want you to give up trying. Please check out this video for some ideas.
Thank you,


I'm distracted by the moving

I'm distracted by the moving background, I keep wanting to know where he's going.


Have you guys noticed that

Have you guys noticed that Paul always talks to us like we have a thumb that is five inches long like he does? Just do this and it'll work fine. If Kharma were real Paul would wake up tomorrow with normal hands and then he would know what it is like to be the rest of us.


Scot: What's with the tie?

Scot: What's with the tie? Ties are bad for you. They raise intraocular pressure and cause open-angle glaucoma which makes you go blind. Not only that but ties are micro-organism breeding grounds. Ties should be outlawed by both US and international law.


Great topic--thanks guys!

Great topic--thanks guys! When using the thumb, I need to remember not to keep my elbow tucked into my side, as well. It's much easier to use the thumb when you loose the elbow. I'm very jealous of Paul's new black signature pick, by the way! Smile