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So sorry to hear that you will be leaving Nathan! I have only been here for 4 months or so but I feel you've already helped me so much to improve my playing yaaaay :-))) You're a wonderful teacher! And I wish you good luck with everything else that you're doing now!

I've got the Flight of the Bumblebee Study materials now, thanks!

Hi Nathan, I wasn't able to download the Advanced/Flight of the Bumblebee Study materials (pdf). Even though it looks like it is there, an empty file downloads. Not sure if you can put another copy there or not. Thank you.

I'm trying to rejoin today but don't see the classical violin instructor choice, only see the fiddle instructor choice.

Hello Nathan, we sent a new video today but just forgot to say: thank you so much for your very useful advice on the difference between Suzuki versus Note reading! It helped us a lot on thinking about early childhood music learning. We don't have the full answer for that now, but we will take your advice to heart as he learns in this violin journey.

Hi Ken, are you asking about Kreutzer etude 4?

We've launched a new navigation menu today! To see the new look, you need to hold down a key while clicking on the refresh icon in your browser. You can do either SHIFT+refresh or CTRL+refresh. Hope you like the new look!

Hi Nathan. In K..4 what triggers the vibrato on the longer notes ? Is there a sign for it.. can there be too much.? Cheers ken

Hi Nathan, I am happy to practice a Seitz Concerto, but how about some of those Dancla Variations too. Also, a Haydn Concerto...

Hi adh384, since you're brand new it would be great for you to check out the "music theory" section of the school! Let me know if that's able to get you up to speed so that you can start playing the first songs here.

Hi Becky, there is no system wide problem that's been reported. I tested the videos and they seem to play fine. This sounds like a browser issue. We have responded to your email and forum post. Please follow up with us via email if additional troubleshooting is needed.

I'm having a lot of trouble loading videos. And it only seems to be on this website. We have tried several things on our end. Is there a problem with Artistworks?

Question: I'm brand new to the violin and this program. I'm working through the beginning videos and came across the first piece to play. The problem is, I have no idea how to play the notes on the violin (Ex, what is an A?) Am I missing a video or are we supposed to know these things already?

Ah yes, I did mean the Seitz concerto that's in Suzuki book 4. Seitz concerto 2, but in Suzuki there is only the 3rd movement. It would be awesome to learn the entire concerto. :-) If other people are interested too?

To those asking for more material in the intermediate section, I know that's a tough one since it actually covers so much ground. Any more votes for Seitz (the one from the Suzuki books you mean)?

Wow kmunstedt, a great success story! Deservedly won!

...focus on just one or two trill motions performed quickly, with time in between, rather than trying always to do a long trill.

kdl_marks, trills take some time but will improve everything about your left hand. My advice is to do some work and then go on to something else, returning later...

jayaaron, my "pinky power" video could just as easily be used for the right hand pinky as well!

Congratulations, kmunstedt! That's so great!

Dear Nathan, I wanted to let you know that thanks to your help, I won a full-time position with the Louisiana Philharmonic. Your instruction and this site have been an invaluable resource!

Dear Nathan, thanks soooo much for your feedback on my video! It's very helpful and encouraging! I will work on everything you said, and I'm very excited to see how it will make me play the piece better. :-)

Nathan, thanks for watching my video. I'll work on my bowings. I'm glad to hear you think my playing has good pitch and good intonation. Bill

Hi Nathan, I've tried doing trills exercise and I'm am having a difficult time with the hand movement. It feels very awkward and I'm getting frustrated. I am looking for other technique videos that I can practice on, but only see songs. Could you please offer me some direction because I'm feeling stuck on the first Intermediate lesson. Thank you!

Hi Nathan. I have a bow-legged pinky (Inward curving pinky). I wonder which video you've recorded to address or accommodate this issue?

Hi Nathan - I just watched your intonation video in which you play the keyboard and sing while fingering the notes on the violin. I'd never heard of that before! Where did you get this really cool trick from? I need more cool tricks for practicing as I find myself lacking in ideas.

For Intermediate level, how about a Haydn Concerto?

If you decide to add to the advanced curriculum, would you consider Chausson Poeme and Ravel Tzigane? Thanks! Not sure about spelling!

Would it be possible to post the sheet music for Vivaldi Winter and Bach Air? It would be helpful to have the notations you refer to in your videos on these. I agree with others that extra content in the intermediate section would be wonderful.

I too think it would be wonderful to have some extra content in the Intermediate section. Is it possible to add a lesson for a concerto? Maybe Seitz concerto 2? I would really love to be able to play that one. Or any other concerto that you think would be good for us to learn. :-) Thanks! :-)

Hi Nathan. I would like to see more content on the Intermediate Violin section. Such as Mazas, other Kreutzer and maybe some other studies that helps to bridge the gap to the Advance Violin section. By the way, I hope you've seen my video submitted a few days ago. Thank you!

Hi Nathan, I'm new here and I posted my first video last week. Did you get it (Bach Double violin part 2)? I'm a bit stuck with the piece and I'm sooo much looking forward to your suggestions to improve. :-) And I'm curious to hear what piece you recommend for me to work on next. Best regards and I wish you a nice weekend!

Just shout them out here.

and also by calling for questions you'd like answered or demos you'd like me to do. I'd love to put together a new welcome video that would answer some questions you've had on your mind!

Hi everyone! You've all been so patient with my slow responses this summer, and I'd like to begin making it up to you first by responding...

Hello Nathan. Please confirm my video of Mozart 5 is in your inbox. I look forward to hearing your comments. Thank you...

Hi, Nathen, I’ve just uploaded a video with message/comments. If you only see the video and don’t see the message, could you please delete it? Last time, I uploaded the video + message, but the message was not uploaded. If the message is not uploaded again, I want to try again. Thanks!

Hello Nathan, thanks for the response. You asked what book Peter is using: it is the "Violin method by Shinozaki" Level Pre-1 (for very beginners). The book starts with Twinkle, also Mary had little lamb, and some Japanese kindergarten songs . The teacher though is flexible about using it, not pushing it so much the first month. But we started the first bar of Twinkle with him. I think Schott is the Americsn equivalent, and has a number of levels. I believe our book starts in A major. Will show you the book in our next video. Thanks!

As for the upload instructions, customer service should be able to help you with that, because I can't see what appears on your screen (I have the instructor version)!

And recent responses have definitely taken too long, I apologize! I'd like to get to everyone's within 10 days, so I've blocked out some time this week to respond to you all!

Sure thing, I can remove your video handnsugioka.

Hi Nathan, I was wondering about my recent video on basic hand shape: I was wondering if you could disregard it, because my chromatic scales are out of tune and I'd like to fix them and submit another one. Thank you!

Hi Nathan (or experienced users) I have similar questions as the student upstairs: where can I find the upload button? Thanks a lot.

Nathan, please help me on how to upload a video so you can see my playing. I'm 54 and a little slow getting around the computer. I just need directions. Thanks! Bill

Nathan, would you please look my video. I have submitted month ago too.

Thanks Nathan for your answer. Just another question for you (or other experienced students): what would be a rough response time for a video? We submitted one month ago. Thanks very much, and enjoying viewing all the videos. They are quite helpful for practice with my son.

petermorris, in general anything starting with Amati (or following the model that he perfected) is considered a modern design. So Stradivari already had about 100 years worth of instruments to look at when he began making! It's worth noting that many details of the Strads we play today though have been changed as far as setup.

Thanks snaredrum!

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