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Violin Lessons: Jingle Bells

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Jingle Bells.
If you are a closer to beginning player,
you're here because you're ready to get
used to spiccato and
different kinds of off the string playing,
and if you're a more advanced player,
you may be here because I said you've
forgotten about the different kinds of off
the string playing and you need to play
Jingle Bells to brush up.
Cuz this is a great one to help us
two different kinds of off the string
playing, ones where the,
the kind where you set the bow first,
which is the same as the collé stroke.
And spiccato, where you're not setting the
bow in between the notes,
so, pretty simply, these are the different
First, the one where you set the bow
because you have time.
And the one where you don't have time.
The problem is there are pieces that
are written in a speed and a tempo that's
kinda in between those two and
you may not be sure which one you wanna
So it's important to make a decision and
go with it [LAUGH] because you get into
all kinds of trouble.
When you take the bow off the string and
you don't have a plan for
how you're gonna play once it's off.
So this is a great way you play the slow
version of Jingle Bells,
you play the fast version of Jingle Bells,
and you get to work both kinds and be very
clear how you do them.
So in the slow version of Jingle Bells,
you have time in between the eighth notes
to set up your collé.
Now I leave the bow.
I leave it again.
So at the end of those long notes
there is no need to pick up the bow but
in between the runs of eighth notes,
I have time to set it.
And so that's what I'm doing.
And when we get into the main tune, the
chorus of Jingle Bells.
So again,
it's the same thing.
Pretty simple.
After a long note, I don't need to pick
the bow up.
I pick the bow up in-between eighth notes
so that I can get my finger articulation.
Now, in the fast version,
I'm not gonna have time in-between the
eighth notes to set it.
So some people find that actually easier.
I always start from the string with the
you know, the collé type of articulation.
But after that I don't set the bow in
So, in all of that I've only had
one true articulation from the string and
that's the very first note.
And that's gonna hold true for quite a
So once you kinda get into
that rhythm it's quite easy.
You, you don't have to set the bow so you
don't worry about it.
And again, that's something that more
advanced players often forget.
They're concerned with getting back to the
getting articulation and if you don't have
time, you don't have time.
So you just let the bow have its natural
bounce and that's spiccato.
So I'll be interested to see your
submissions here to see how well you
understand that, and my hope is that
you're going to find the natural bounce,
the natural spiccato of the bow pretty
easy and natural when you're not
trying to pick it up from the string
because the bow wants to bounce.
[SOUND] It just takes some practice to let
do it on it's own without getting in the