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Rock Guitar Lessons: Musicality

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All right,
everybody I wanna play this for you one
more time.
[SOUND] We have come a long way from the
pentatonic scale that people will often
talk when they take guitar lessons.
We have done a lot of stylistic things to
this and most importantly,
I think we've made it musical.
We've added so much musicality to this
We're not just playing it up and down.
We're not just playing it only one volume.
We're not all the notes aren't the same
We're playing the notes short.
[SOUND] We're playing the notes long.
[SOUND] You could hit them quiet.
[SOUND] You could scratch them.
[SOUND] You could hit them loud.
[SOUND] We could bend them from the bottom
[SOUND] We can bend them from the top,
[SOUND] There's so many cool things we can
do with this pentatonic scale
that really bring it to life and I hoped
you enjoyed learning all those things.
I really enjoyed showing, showing them to
It helped me as a player to take all that
apart and just congratulations.
You have reached a great point in your
You can absolutely have a career with all
the things we've learned so
far and we are gonna do even more, get
deeper into music and
deeper into the guitar because it is a
life long joyful experience getting all,
all the great sounds as you can out of
this cool piece of wood.
But I just want to stop for a second and
thank you for
coming this far with me and I have a
blast, this is great stuff.
And I can't wait to show you more, but I
just want to stop here, celebrate.
Go get your favorite drink, drink it and
play some great notes with pentatonic.
Shake those notes around,
make some guitar faces.
[SOUND] [LAUGH] And it's just a great
we've learned some really great stuff.
I wanna say it over and over, but just
because I mean it.
All right.
So, this is Paul Gilbert and
I'm really happy to going this far with
Let's keep going.