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5 Reasons to Play An Instrument

At ArtistWorks, we're passionate about teaching musicians all over the world how to play over 30 musical instruments. Though we're focused on offering the highest quality lessons, expert instruction, and relevant materials, we know it's important to always remember why musicians choose to pursue learning an instrument in the first place. 

It turns out, learning an instrument is extremely beneficial for health, longevity, happiness, and so much more. This week, we've picked our top 5 reasons for why everyone should learn to play.

1. It improves your long term memory.

According to a study published to Sage Journals ( musicians showed improved memory (compared to non-players).

2. It protects against dementia and alzheimers.

Playing musical instruments helps keep you sharp! By engaging your brain regularly through music, patients are able to combat dementia and alzheimers. Source:

3. It reduces depression and anxiety.

Studies have found that playing an instrument reduces the effects of depression and anxiety. (Source:

4. It makes you happier. 

Can't get much better than this: playing an instrument makes you happier. Source: McCaster University.

5. It strengthens bonds.

Raise your hand if you've made some of of your best friends through music. We know we have! Music is an undeniable force of connection.

Needing some alternative medicine? Check out any of our 30+ instrument schools. With expert instructors, engaged musical communities, and hundreds of lessons- we'll get you farther with your instrument than you ever thought possible. 

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