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6 Classic Country songs

As many guitarists know, playing along to classics is a great way to reinforce the feel of the music. Around the time we launched the Electric Country School at ArtistWorks I was asked to name some classic country songs that people should definitely check out. So here are 6 classic country guitar songs with pretty traditional chord progressions. Listen to these classics and jam along! 

1. Willie Nelson -  "Whiskey River”

Listen to how behind the beat and funky this song is - it's almost an R&B guitar rhythm part in the verses.

2. Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn -  “Nothing Cold As Ashes After The Fire Is Gone”

CLASSIC country here at its finest. Listen to the killer front pickup guitar fills in this one. Just great all the way around!!

3. George Jones -  “White Lightnin”

Another classic! Listen to the great rhythm part and the cool rock a billy style solo. Really great song by a young George Jones.

4. Johnny Cash - “Folsom Prison Blues”

How about the simplicity of this? Great intro lick and super simple two note rhythm part. Great chord style solo by Luther Perkins also. Check out the tape warble.

5. Merle Haggard -  “Swingin Doors” 

If this doesn't want to make you have a cold one nothing will!! Very cool bluesy fills by Roy Nichols. Great steel guitar ideas also. Notice no real steel bends by the guitar player. There’s already a steel player! 

6. Buck Owens -  “Tiger By The Tail” 

Check out the great Don Rich on this one. Amazing harmony singing and GREAT bluesy country guitar playing. So cool!! And the wind shield wiper acoustic rhythm. 

Learn country guitar online with Guthrie Trapp at

country guitar lessons with guthrie trapp at artistworks

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