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Johnny Cash and Guthrie Trapp

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Yesterday would have marked legendary country icon Johnny Cash’s 87th birthday. Known as the man dressed in black, Cash is regarded as being one of the most renowned musicians in American music history. Inspired by gospel music, Cash’s well rounded voice embodied darkness and sorrow that could be found within his lyrics and playing. Due to his infamous, yet extraordinary career, he was one of the few people to be inducted into the country music, rock and roll and gospel music halls of fame, selling over 90 million records world-wide.



As tribute, we wanted to touch on Johnny Cash’s influence found within electric country guitar player, Guthrie Trapp’s courses. As a student, you may have completed one of his lessons accompanied by a backing track that he created in the studio with real session players in Nashville including Dave Roe who is best known for his long tenure as Johnny Cash's last bassist. Guthrie has four complete lessons accompanied with complete tablature and high quality backing tracks spanning different difficulty levels, and ultimately leading the student to learn advanced improvisational soloing techniques.



Having these backing tracks adds some premium quality to the electric country guitar lessons that you get to download. What’s also neat is the fact that they can be streamed at adjustable speeds, pitch matching speed adjustments, for all of your electric country guitar playing needs! Just a bit of outlaw country influence in your lessons, thought you should know! Happy Birthday Johnny Cash!


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