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A Tribute to Chuck Loeb: 1955-2017

chuck loeb

We’re extremely sad to announce the loss of our jazz guitar teacher Chuck Loeb who passed away on Monday night. He was an amazing musician, teacher, and a dear friend who will be deeply missed. He had been undergoing cancer treatments for several years. As we mourn this great loss, we are comforted by heartfelt words which are pouring in from those who knew him.

ArtistWorks CEO Patricia Butler has posted a video for Chuck's students with her condolences and commitment that his teaching legacy will always remain intact at ArtistWorks. As she says: "he was a friend, not just someone we worked with. We loved him.” 

chuck loeb

David Butler, co-founder of ArtistWorks, has posted a tribute in the Forum here where he talks about first meeting Chuck and getting to know him through their mutual love of music.

"I learned a lot from Chuck, I am a student of his guitar method myself.  One thing in particular that really stuck with me was the way he approached practicing.  He said most people consider practicing to be a chore, something you have to do to prepare to perform or just to improve.  But for him, practicing was like meditation, a true a spiritial experience.  He taught me to think of practicing as not solely a preparation for later, but rather a worthy and rich direct experience in and of itself, a very 'zen' view of practicing.  It changed my attitude towards practicing forever, I encourage all musicians to ponder this simple and very wise idea.”

chuck loeb

"He was a massive talent and I wish that I started lessons with him earlier.  I'm very grateful for the videos and recordings left behind so we can still learn from him.  I'm wishing his wife and daughters peace and comfort, this is a huge loss for all of us.” Jough, ArtistWorks student

"As a young bluegrass picker I had the opportunity to hang out with Tony Rice a bit. One memory was sitting in Tony's car listening to Chuck. His influence on Tony was great. Every modern bluegrass guitarist has been influenced by Tony and, in a way, by Chuck.” Bryan Sutton, ArtistWorks teacher

chuck loeb

Our hearts and thoughts are with Chuck’s family during this difficult time. We encourage you to share your memories of Chuck in the ArtistWorks Forum. May his legacy live forever.