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Advanced Bass Lessons with Paul Kowert Now Available

advanced bass lessons with paul kowert

As bass player for Punch Brothers, Paul Kowert shares the stage with a lot of top notch musicians. He recently recorded a special series of bass lessons that are specifically aimed for advanced bass players at ArtistWorks.

In the sample lesson we've included below, Paul talks about the classic bluegrass tune "Whiskey Before Breakfast" and introduces the idea of playing pizzicato solos. This is just Part 1 of a three part series Paul recorded on this topic. Other lessons include:

  • Bass Setup
  • Principles of Using the Bow
  • Putting it to Practice
  • Managing Mechanics for Variety
  • Articulation
  • Tuning
  • Pedal Tones: "Scotch & Swing"
  • "Bury Me Beneath the Willow Tree"
  • "Salty Dog" (Tuba Style)
  • "Golden Slippers"
  • "St. Anne's Reel"
  • "I am a Pilgrim"
  • "I am a Pilgrim" (Outside the Pocket)
  • "Fortune"
  • Solo Tuning vs. Standard Tuning
  • Solo Tuning: Changing Strings
  • Solo Tuning Overview
  • Rosin
  • "I am Your Flower" (Solo Tuning)
  • "Flannery's Dream" (Solo Tuning)
  • "Flippin" (Solo Tuning)
  • "Bury Me Beneath the Willow Tree" (Solo Tuning)

Find the full series of Advanced Bass Lessons with Paul Kowert in the Special Guests area at the Online Bluegrass Bass School with Missy Raines. To join now visit