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American Banjo Museum & Tony Trischka

Deeply talented ArtistWorks instructor Tony Trischka has been inducted into the American Banjo Museum's Hall of Fame.

Tony has been teaching banjo with ArtistWorks for over 8 years, but his banjo career has roots decades long (over 40 years to be exact). Tony is one of the most influential banjo players in the music world. Tony's love for the banjo was sparked in 1963, when he sent a letter to his musical idol Pete Seeger, complimenting him on being "the best banjo player in the universe." Seeger's response would shape the way Tony thought about music from then on out; he said, "music is not a horserace, there is no such thing as the best".

Over the next 40 years, Tony went on to record his own albums, break down barriers, and inspire a new generation of banjo players. Tony's work is said to have defined the sound of the modern banjo. ArtistWorks was fortunate to have Tony join our team in 2009, when we launched his banjo school. Over the last 9 years, Tony has instructed thousands of ArtistWorks students- continuing to spread the love for the banjo around the world. 

Today, we congratulate Tony for this well deserved honor. Learn more about Tony's career and the American Banjo Museum's Hall of Fame here.

Not a member of Tony's Banjo school yet? Click here to access free lessons, and enroll today!