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Angelina Baker like you've never heard it before!!

angelina baker

The Community Arrangement Project for Angelina Baker is now in place in the Intermediate Lessons. There are full versions of the 'Capo 2' and the 'Open' versions along with backing tracks and new tablature. Click here to check it out! 


Previous news for the Community Arrangement Project: 

It's April 1 and I have two arrangements of Angelina Baker based on the great ideas submitted.  I'll put these up in the "Study Materials" link.

The good folks at ArtistWorks are working to embed two new videos into the CAP "lesson" in the Intermediate curriculum. All materials will be there eventually.

You should be able to access all tabs, rhythm tracks, and idea submissions with that one link.  It'll be a great resource!

This was a fun process and we'll do it again!