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ArtistWorks News: Certificate Program

Something new is brewing at ArtistWorks. 

ArtistWorks was built on the mission of helping musicians improve their craft. For a decade, we've connected players with expert musical talent, and we've seen amazing results. ArtistWorks students have gone on to produce albums, play in local bands, and much more. We're tremendously proud of ArtistWorks' students' achievements, and the role we've played in facilitating them. 

Still, we never stop wondering how learning music online can serve musicians better. It was from this endless pursuit that the ArtistWorks Certificate Program was born. Through this meaningful, structured program, participating students will have the opportunity to achieve the next level in their playing. 

This accredited program may prove challenging, but deeply rewarding. Available in four playing levels, participants will reach weekly learning outcomes, take 3 quizzes, and submit 3 video submissions to their expert instructor to carefully guide their learning. 

Players will also have access to supplemental reference topics, including Music Theory, Ear Training, How to Read Music & Tablature, How to Practice Sight Reading, and Performance Anxiety. 

It is our vision to offer the ArtistWorks certificate program in a variety of instruments, allowing students all over the world to participate in the most comprehensive, 12-week music programs available online. 

For now, the ArtistWorks certificate program will be launching with one course: The ArtistWorks Blues Guitar School. 

Stay tuned in the coming week for more information, and the opportunity to sign up. 

As always, feel free to contact customer service with any questions about this unique offer.