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ArtistWorks in peril...

Hello ArtistWorks Members,

We have posted previously that our offices were closed and we were working with a skeleton crew.  However, the physical situation in the Napa County (not just Napa City) continues to evolve and be dangerous.  We cannot, in good conscience, ask our employees to risk life and limb to work, so please be patient with us while we navigate unchartered territory.  Your online music learning experience is our number one priority as a company and we aim to meet all of your needs and answer all of your questions and concerns.  This is a time when we need your understanding and empathy.  The wildfires have us surrounded at this time and threats are coming in on all sides.  Thanks to three team members, we were able to evacuate the most valuable and important equipment our company uses. That means some of the team's computers have been "evacuated".

We have received countless emails of support and concern and thank you all for the outreach.  Our office is untouched, but the largest fire in the Napa Complex is just 2 short miles from our office.  The smoke is sickeningly thick and not possible to endure, even to sit at a desk and answer questions and phone calls.  As a result, our Customer Service team is working as best they can remotely, on personal computers while keeping themselves safe.  

We are fortunate that our music learning experience is an online one and that our assets, the videos you watch and learn from are not only in the cloud but lovingly protected in hard copy on multiple locations not subject to this unprecedented fire.  Our business model is such that, your teachers live around the world and are connected to you remotely via the benevolence of the Internet.  Their teaching continues no matter what our office and staff are experiencing. ArtistWorks is located in one of the most coveted and sought after locations in the nation, but it sometimes comes with a price: earthquakes and fires.  You are our top priority and we beg your indulgence for a few more days.

Yours Kindly,

Everyone at ArtistWorks