Banjo Master Tony Trischka opens the first online video interactive Banjo School today!

Tue, 08/11/2009 - 6:03am
Written by PatriciaB

Legendary Banjo Master and Educator Tony Trischka Opens World’s Most Advanced Online Banjo School

Napa, CA, August 11, 2009: ArtistWorks, Inc. announces that the Internet-based Tony Trischka School of Banjo (TTSB) opens today, delivering banjo virtuoso Tony Trischka’s 40+ years of playing and teaching to banjo enthusiasts around the world. In response to growing worldwide demand for his unique banjo teaching approach, Tony partnered with the Napa, California-based ArtistWorks, Inc., to create the worlds most powerful and extensive banjo school. The TTSB is built on the ArtistWorks’ breakthrough Internet video exchange technology platform. In addition to Tony’s extensive video banjo lesson curriculum, the TTSB boasts a complete set of social networking features, connecting the worldwide community of banjo players.

Tony comments, “For the online school I created a new, extensive suite of banjo video lessons, drawing from my life-long banjo teaching career and my love of all facets of the banjo. I have provided material and lessons for students at all levels, from absolute beginner to extremely advanced. With the magic of the Internet, I can now teach and guide students from anywhere in the world.” Breaking the barrier of one-way teaching, the ArtistWorks approach allows Tony to engage individually with his students, check on their progress, and directly guide their banjo study.

When asked how he is able to provide direct feedback to his online students, Tony explained it this way: “It’s easy! Students have the option of making a short video of themselves playing the various homework assignments that I give them throughout the lessons, and upload the video to the site for my review. Any inexpensive webcam is fine. I get to watch the student’s video, and really see and hear exactly what he or she needs. Just as though the student were studying with me in person, I need to tell them how they are playing and what they need to do to play better. Here I can actually show them in a short video response. The great thing is that when student’s video is posted together with my response as a Master Class, the entire class learns and improves together. Often one student’s issues are just like everyone else’s! With this approach I not only help one student, I help many others with the similar concerns.”

David Butler, CEO of ArtistWorks, further observes, “We are proud to be bringing Tony's superb banjo teaching approach directly into the home of players wherever they live. Banjo students will find that it is fun and compelling to have a virtuoso banjo master provide them direct feedback and encouragement. And the ability for all to see all of the Master Classes means everyone learns from each other. This interactive teaching platform is much more effective than the one-sided approach of DVD instructional videos and static video web.”

The Tony Trischka School of Banjo ( also breaks new ground in musician social networking. Built into the TTSB are rich social media features for student members. Included is a Shout-Out board to give quick comments to all students on the home base page, an expandable Forum for announcements and conversations and Chat for real-time instant messaging amongst banjo students. Each student has an autobiographical My Student Page to send messages, share thoughts, and upload personal photos, videos and music tracks for everyone to enjoy and comment on. Tony says, “The TTSB’s social networking features make it the perfect environment for banjo students to share the joy, camaraderie and history of banjo playing and roots traditions. We are all having a blast!” Over the next few months, The TTSB will feature interviews and performances with many great banjo players, including Bill Keith, Steve Martin, Pete Seeger, and Béla Fleck.

The Tony Trischka School of Banjo ( is open to banjo players at all levels of proficiency, and is priced at an inexpensive $60 per 3 month recurring subscription.

ArtistWorks, Inc. is a Napa, California company that creates video-based instructional subscription websites for such artists as Andreas Oberg, Jimmy Bruno, DJ Qbert, Tony Trischka, Christie-Peery Skousen and Howard Levy.

For further information, contact: Emily Lichter at 413-585-5111