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Beginner Guide to Jazz Bass Mastery with John Patitucci

Practicing music at home is nice but things really become fun when you play music and jam with others.  Jazz bass teacher and Grammy award-winner John Patitucci sits down at the ArtistWorks studios to talk with jazz drummer Brian Blade (Bill Frisell, Norah Jones) and pianist Jon Cowherd (Joni Mitchell, Wayne Shorter) about what they look for in a jazz bass player.

In describing the process of choosing musicians to work with Patitucci says:

"You want to try to forge relationships with people in your life that last instead of just playing here and there and never continuing to build together."

Pianist Jon Cowherd and long time collaborator added that "it's a luxury if you play in the same band a lot and know the personality of the bass player.  You know where they are coming from".

The full interview also sees the three musicians talk about composition, trust, groove, creating bass lines, leaving space in your playing and playing in a group setting.


Watch John's Free Bass Lessons

The interview was filmed during recording of John Patitucci's online jazz bass school and other bass lessons you'll find on John's site include:

  • Rhythm Exercises
  • Double Bass Scales
  • Modes
  • Bass Arpeggios
  • Latin Grooves
  • Bass Etudes
  • Ear Training
  • Walking Bass
  • Blues on Double Bass
  • Bebop Bass
  • Sus and Slash Chords

The best thing about John Patitucci's jazz bass lessons is that you can submit videos of your bass playing and he will review them and respond with a personalized video giving you feedback on YOUR playing.  

Head over to to check out the free bass lessons and learn more.

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