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Bela and Abby

I saw Bela and Abigail Washburn last night at Symphony Space in New York City... a sold out show. They blew me away... 7 or 8 banjos of all descriptions, Abby's amazing singing, Bela burning brightly as always. And the show itself is really entertaining. These guys are geniuses.  They're out touring to support their new duo album on Rounder, which you all need to buy (if I may be so forward). It's self titled... brilliant playing (why are we not surprised) and when you open it up, your heart will melt. Catch them on tour wherever you can. You'll even get to hear Bela sing back up vocals. Also, I spent some time with them in the afternoon, and they were visited bus-side by a producer for CBS Sunday morning.  Charles Osgood (the show's host) is doing a piece on them for the show, to be aired sometime before the holidays. In fact they filmed the show last night, so keep your eyes open for that. Charles also did a piece on me and Bela in the early 90s which apparently will go up on the CBS Sunday morning website when the Bela/Abby show airs.