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The Best Guide on How to Buy, Care For, or Sell a Piano

n this special video episode of A Musical Life, I wanted to talk about the world of the piano from the perspective of a professional pianist. Contrary to what you might think, I'm actually embarrassed to confess how little I've actually known about the different makes and models of pianos, much less how they actually work to make beautiful sounds beyond my own instincts and musical training. If a professional pianist has a hard time understanding the differences between piano manufacturers and the mechanical details of what makes one piano different from another, then how is an average lay person or first time piano buyer? To that end, I'm incredibly grateful to author Larry Fine, a piano technician who wrote the pioneering book, "The Piano Book", and then went on to share his in-depth knowledge of pianos on his website,
Larry recently published a compendium to his massive website, titled "The Best of Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyer". This is a fantastic guide to everything about the piano - what they are, how they work, how to care for them, and even how to restore older pianos and dispose of unwanted ones. The book includes an overview of 80 brands of major piano manufacturers, and is an essential guide for everyone interested in pianos. 
You can purchase a copy of "The Best of Acoustic and Digital Piano Buyer" at or on Amazon at or at local bookstores everywhere.