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Blues Guitar Lessons with Keith Wyatt Launching Dec 11

"You never know what the information or inspiration is going to come from." - Keith Wyatt

We are excited to announce that we will soon be offering blues guitar lessons from Keith Wyatt (Musicians Institute, The Blasters). Officially launching on December 11th, we are currently taking pre-orders now (click here for more info and free sample lessons). 

A while back, we did a survey with our current members to see what other instruments they would be interested in learning online. Amongst some interesting requests that came in, there was one that overwhelmingly stood out: blues guitar lessons. 

And so we set out to deliver what the people wanted, first needing to find the best blues guitar teacher. It was actually through our rock guitar teacher Paul Gilbert that we found our guy. For many years Paul was an instructor at the Guitar Institute of Technology (now known as Musicians Institute), which is where he first met Keith Wyatt. There’s a great hour long interview that Paul did with Keith where they reminisce about their time together at GIT (which is available to their students) - the two have great chemistry together both when playing or just talking. 

Keith has insider knowledge that comes from decades of living and breathing blues guitar. He knows stories and techniques that have been passed on from the blues masters themselves - he's connected to everyone. It became clear that Keith Wyatt was the man when it came to blues guitar, and so we asked him to join our online learning faculty.   

As the latest edition to the ArtistWorks Guitar Campus, Keith Wyatt is motivated to share his vast wealth of blues guitar knowledge. He is the answer to a question which many of our guitar enthusiasts have been asking for a long time: will you ever offer blues guitar lessons? On December 11th, we'll have all the blues guitar lessons you can handle. 

Keith Wyatt is a seasoned guitarist and teacher with a specialty in blues, and his new online school contains hundreds of guitar lessons from beginner to advanced, plus everything in between. The program includes both pure technique as well as deep knowledge about the legends and pioneers who developed the music which we know as blues today. It's everything you need to learn blues guitar, taught by one of the best in the business.

No matter what level you consider yourself, Keith Wyatt’s Online Blues Guitar School is for everyone. As with all of our online learning schools, you can practice whenever you like, at whatever pace that suits you. 

Using ArtistWorks' Video Exchange® technology, you'll have the ability to submit a video of yourself playing directly to Keith. He will review your playing and record a video response with feedback about how you're doing and what you should practice next. You'll also have access to the videos Keith records for his other blues guitar students, which enables you to be a part of each other’s learning experience. The Video Exchange Library is always growing with each new submission, so there's something new to learn all the time. 
For more information and free sample lessons visit

blues guitar lessons keith wyatt