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Bonus Guitar Lessons from Paul Gilbert

bonus guitar lessons paul gilbert

Watch Paul's Free Guitar Lessons

We're not exaggerating when we say we have hundreds of guitar lessons online from Paul Gilbert. If you've checked out the lesson list page though, that's only a small part of what full members get. The guitar lessons listed on that page are just the official curriculum lessons, meaning they're the ones that Paul recorded before even launching the online school. They include all kinds of essential topics for learning how to play guitar, but they don't cover everything.

One of the benefits to becoming a member of our online schools is that they're always expanding because the teachers are always adding new lessons. These typically come in the form of Video Exchanges (that's when students submit videos to Paul and he records a video response for the whole school to learn from), but there's also the ever valuable Video Message Archive.

What's the Video Message Archive?

Each time students log on to Paul's online guitar school, they're greeted by a "Welcome message" that Paul records from his home studio. These get updated every few weeks and include anything from Paul talking about things going on in his life, his music, his friends - you never know what you'll get! What's cool is that Paul will often include special guitar lessons on things not in the official curriculum, additional tips and tricks to get you inspired and learning something new. These videos are always available for students in the Video Message Archive, and they go back to the first one which was recorded on May 14, 2012. That's almost two years worth of exclusive video messages from Paul Gilbert to his students, and there's some serious gems in there!

Fill out the form to get access to a few stand out welcome videos from the past couple years, here's what you get:

  • Mixolydian Lick - Paul teaches you a cool mixolydian lick that he came up with, six notes!
  • Neal Schon Riff - Paul teaches you his favorite riff by Journey guitarist Neal Schon, this one influenced Paul early on when he was first learning guitar!
  • Interval Blues Lick - Paul teaches you a new "bonus" blues guitar lick inspired by fellow ArtistWorks guitar teacher Martin Taylor!
  • E Minor Lick - Paul breaks down one of his favorite guitar lick based around the E Minor progression a la Gary Moore. 

Best of the Archive

We wanted to give you an inside look at some of Paul's Video Messages, because they show a different side of Paul than you may be used to from the sample lessons. These are more informal, recorded on the fly and off the cuff - straight from Paul Gilbert to your screen.

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