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Bryan Sutton Fall Tour 2014

Hey Everybody,

Here I sit in what will be a significant part and representation of my "home" this fall, a hotel room. This is a nice hotel room, though. It's also connected to a fun show. Hot Rize will play A Prairie Home Companion this weekend. This is a live radio show I listened to just about as long as I've listened to the Grand Ole Opry!  We're headed to rehearse in abut 45 minutes.  

prairie home companion

Hot Rize will tour a good bit this fall. I'll do more and more VEs from hotel rooms like the one I'm in as the tour progresses. I'm really glad I can do these with my iPad. I'll try to update everybody from time to time with various blog posts or videos. I hope to see some of you out on the trail as well. We most always make our way out front after shows to meet and greet.

I feel very fortunate to be part of this band so I'm basically looking forward to the tour. I don't tour like this all that often, but it seems like every few years, some neat opportunity comes up and this is one of them. I'm one of the lucky professional musicians who don't have to spend all their time on the road.  HINT - It's really not glamorous... it's a lot of 4 am wake up calls after hitting the pillow at 2 am.  You can check out our tour dates at or  A funny thing that really happens is I forget my room number sometimes.  After you stay in hotel rooms a certain number of times in a row, they all look the same, and I really can't remember if it's 145, or 311, or maybe 222... wait, that was last night!