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Cool Jazz Guitar Licks from Andreas Oberg

jazz guitar licks from andreas oberg

Watch Andreas' Free Guitar Lessons

Andreas Oberg is one of the most dynamic players today in Jazz and beyond. When he's not giving video exchange feedback to members of his Online Jazz & More Guitar School, he performs and writes songs with high profile Korean recording artists.  Andreas took some time to record four really cool jazz guitar licks that we are making available for everyone to check out at no charge. They are great to add into your playing no matter what style you play.

  • Jazz Guitar Lick # 1: Cool jazz guitar lick over Am7 (A Minor 7th Chord)
  • Jazz Guitar Lick # 2: Sweeping guitar lick that starts on G
  • Jazz Guitar Lick # 3: George Benson inspired run over Bb7 (B Flat 7th Chord)
  • Jazz Guitar Lick # 4: Useful Jazz guitar lick over Em7 (E Minor 7th Chord) 

Fill out the form to get instant access to all four jazz guitar licks! For more information about online guitar lessons with Andreas Oberg visit

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