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Dates to Come See Us!

Aloha Students! 

We've already begun our travels, but I thought I'd put all of our travels (SO FAR) up in our bulletin. We hope that some of you can make it out to see us in person! Remember, IF you do come out, make sure to post a picture of yourself with us and post it in the forum. You'll get your FESTIVAL badge! 

APR 20-22 - Allegheny Ukulele Soiree

APR 27-29 - Vancouver 'Ukulele Festival (CANADA)

MAY 2-5 - Reno 'Ukulele Festival

May 10-12 - Denver UkeFest 

MAY 18-20 - Las Cruces Uke Fest

JUNE 22-24 - Midwest Uke Camp

JUNE 30 - JULY 2 - Uke University 7

JULY 7-21 - UK TOUR!!!! Not all of these dates are filled, here are the ones that are currently set. Feel free to commend if you'd like more information. JULY 7 - Southern Uke Store           JULY 10 - London            JULY 11 - St. Albans        JULY 12 - Leamington Spa     JULY 13-15 Criag & Sarah Uke Retreat in the Forest of Dean        JULY 16 - Cardiff        July 21 - Biddulph

AUG 11-15 - Strathmore Uke and Guitar Summit

AUG - 24 - SEPT 3 - Craig & Sarah 'Ukulele Cruise to Alaska 

SEPT 12-16 - Port Townsend Uke Fest

SEPT 20-23 - Tunes in the Dunes

SEPT 29 - Royal City Uke Fest (CANADA)

OCT 12 - 13 - Vermont Uke Harvest

AND watch out San Francisco, a little bird told us thier festival will be October 19-21..... And we might be there..... 

IF you have any questions regarding any of these events, feel free to post and let us know! We hope to see you guys while we are on the road!