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DJ Adex wins / New Lesson / New Battle: The Stewie Skratch

qsu freddy skratch battle winner: dj adexAnd the winner of the Freddy Battle is… DJ Adex! He had the best overall demo of this unique skratch combo, although there were some great other entries as well. Since these winning entries are linked to from the official Lesson Page, it's really important that we can see what both hands are doing. Congrats to Adex, be sure to check out his video from the Freddy Skratch lesson page in Level 2! 

Here's a tip: be sure to record your video at an angle that shows both your record and fader hands so we can see everything you're doing. Students are going to be studying all these videos forever so we want to make it as easy for them as possible.  

Next Battle: The Stewie Skratch - Deadline to submit is Monday, June 23!

We have also uploaded an official Stevie Skratch lesson in Level 2, find it in the curriculum:

Lessons --> Level 2 --> Stewie Skratch

And now we come now to the next battle. This one is similar to the Freddy Skratch and because it's essentially an advanced Baby it's called the "Stewie Skratch" (shout out to Family Guy). Q first mentions this skratch combo in an old Video Exchange from 5 years ago and credits it to DJ Fooders for originally showing it to him (search for "stewi" in the Video Exchange library and it'll come up). This fun combo combines babys, mirrors, and one click flares all in one skratch. Here's what Fooders wrote about it:

"This skratch basically helps me get comfortable and familiar with a beat. For example you can run the gamut of time signatures of one tempo with this skratch, you can do this skratch 4/4 note to 1/4 note to 1/8th note to 16th note to 32nd note time to how ever fast or slow you can. It helps me with fluid transitions in and out of different skratches. Really you should want to be able to do this with all your skratches, I just discovered this to be the most stripped down and basic-advanced skratch, kinda like an advanced baby skratch to help build consistency and fluidity with ones skratching." - DJ Fooders

Don't wait until it's too late! The Deadline to submit for this one is Monday, June 23!

The same rules apply, just submit a 1 minute video showing us your best take on the Stewie Skratch. For this battle Q does want to see all your combo variations, so mix it up with your best stuff!

new qsu lesson: the stewie skratch