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Dr Jean Heurtier

On my recent trip to France I visited MTGA student Jean Heurtier in St Malo Hospital where he has been in the intensive care unit for the past two months following a serious accident which left him in a coma.

I am pleased to report that Jean is now out of the coma and making good but slow progress. However, his fight back to good health is going to be a long and difficult journey and a very stressful time for Jean and his family.

I spent some time at Jean's bedside, and although he is unable to talk, he was able to communicate with me and talk about life, family, friends, music, and the MTGA community.
I also thanked him for teaching me a new skill - lip reading in French!

It was a very emotional visit as Jean is not only an MTGA student but has been a good friend of mine from the days when I lived in France.

I was very happy that I was able to jump on a plane from London to visit Jean and I know I managed to raise his spirits a little during this difficult time.

If you would like to send Jean a message (in English or French) you can do so by going to his profile page "heurtier" - I will inform Madame Heurtier about the messages and she will be able to read them out to him in the hospital.

I know Jean would appreciate hearing from fellow MTGA students and these messages will help raise his spirits and give him the energy he needs to fight the biggest battle of his life.

Many Thanks