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Feature Spotlight: Music Theory Lessons

intro to music theory

We all play music, but not everyone understands the science behind it. With music theory, musicians have a shared language to discuss and articulate ideas with other musicians. Unfortunately, not everyone learned this in school growing up (it'd be nice). Even if you do seek it out later in life, it can be hard to find a qualified music theory teacher willing to dispense all this knowledge on you (especially for free).

Lucky for anyone learning online at ArtistWorks, we've already done the work for you. We found a verifiable expert, Mr. Jonathan Coopersmith, and got him to record a whole series of music theory lessons for everyone here.

He boiled it all down to the main ingredients and has it broken up into 2 main categories: Basic Music Theory and Advanced Music Theory. Did we mention you already have access to all this in the Learn area? Read on to take the tour! 

music theory lessons at artistworks

As you can see, it all starts in the Learn area. Just click on where it says Music Theory and you'll be taken there. 

music theory lessons

You’ll find 4 Sections in Basic Music TheoryHere’s what you get:basic music theory lessons

Basic Music Theory - Section 1:

music theory lessons: clefs

Basic Music Theory - Section 2:

music theory lessons: staff notation

Basic Music Theory - Section 3:

music theory lessons: key signatures

Basic Music Theory - Section 4:

Advanced Music Theory:

There’s also a quiz at the end of each section. Pass the quiz, get the badge! 

music theory lessons - quizzes at artistworks

If you go through all of these you will definitely be a more educated (and well rounded) musician. 

Whatever your background is, everyone can benefit from a little more music theory. It won't make a bad player good, but it will make a good musician better. 

Think of it this way: it can only help. So get in there!