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Fingerstyle Guitar Lesson: Transition Points

Seventh chords are like the dressing you add to a salad. A 7th chord adds flavor. Fingerstyle guitarist Martin Taylor filmed a video lesson for his online guitar school on adding 7ths, intervals and finding transition points when using 7ths.

A "seventh chord" usually means a major triad with an added minor seventh (a dominant seventh chord). However, a variety of sevenths may be added to a variety of triads, resulting in many different types of seventh chords, as described below.  Here are a list of some lessons on sevenths that Martin gives at his online guitar school.  

  • Adding 7ths Anchored By The Sixth String
  • Adding 7ths Anchored By The Fifth String
  • Adding 7ths Anchored By The Fourth String
  • Moving the 7ths Anchored by the Sixth String
  • Moving the 7ths Anchored by the Fifth String
  • Moving the 7ths Anchored by the Fourth String
  • Finding Transition Points While Moving the 7ths

In the lesson on 'Finding Transition Points When Playing The Sevenths' online jazz guitar teacher Martin Taylor says:

"Transition points are up to what feels good to you.  As you go across the length of the fretboard try and visualize them.  If you've been naming the notes along the way the whole fretboard will be revealed to you."

You can also send Martin a video of you practicing your seventh chords and he'll give you personalized online feedback.  Click here to get more free fingerstyle guitar lessons from Martin Taylor's online school.


Watch Martin's Free Guitar Lessons

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