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Ger Mandolin Orchestra in New York City June 18th

I created this Mandolin Orchestra especially to represent the Jewish Mandolin Orchestra tradition from Eastern Europe in the 1930s. We recreated the music of an actual ensemble that existed in Gora Kalwaria, Poland (Ger) from that time and I had the privilege of being able to hand select some of the finest players in the world to fill these 11 seats. (Matching the original).

Most of the original members did not survive the horrors of the 2nd World War, so it is an honor and extremely uplifting to be a part of something with such historic significance. 

Bringing back to life something which was thought to be lost forever.

Imagine Caterina Lichtenberg, Joe Walsh, Tim Connell, Chris Aquavella, Brian Oberlin, Jeff Warschauer, Eric Stein, Radim Zinkle, Dana Rath, Adam Roszkiewicz and myself all playing this music together?

This will be our New York City debut as part of the KulturFestNYC! 

Learn more about the Ger Mandolin Orchestra at