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Got a Question- Ask in the Forum!

Aloha Gang!

Craig and I just got back from Fort Lauderdale! We had a WONDERFUL time at the South Florida 'Ukulele Festival, which was an amazing experience. It was filled with such Aloha spirit, and we got to have some great one on one time with several of our students. It was such a special festival, and we hope that if you can make it to next year's, you will. I hope we get invited back!

This Blog post- is about the FORUMS! If you ever have any questions- please don't hessitate to ask us. One great place to ask is the forum, and it's quite simple to use. The BEST place to ask questions, though, is through the Video Exchanges, however, some questions can be answered easily through the forum. When you post there, we get an e-mail sent to us that let's us know we have a note waiting for us. Unfortunately, the Shoutbox doesn't have this, so if we are traveling, we might miss your note if it's posted there. We also encourage everyone to comment and encourage each other through the forums as well. It's a great place to meet other 'ukulele friends- you never know who might be in your area. 

Step one: Look to your LEFT and see the grey verticle bar that has DASH, LEARN, COMMUNITY, etc. Click on COMMUNITY! 

Step two: Check out all of the categories- see where your question will best fit... Possibly ASK CRAIG & SARAH? Click on that one!

Step three: After clicking on your topic (in this case, ASK CRAIG & SARAH), try looking at other topics. You might find someone has asked that question before! BUT either way- please feel free to pose your question by clicking on NEW TOPIC.

Step four: Give us an idea of what your question is about... Maybe: HOLDING MY UKE, or WANTING TO GET A CLEANER SOUND, or even FAVORITE BRAND OF UKES. Put that in the Subject, and fill out the body with your questions and comments. Scroll down when you are finished, and you'll see a red POST button. Click that and done! We get an e-mail notification fairly shortly, and will try to get back to you ASAP. 

Happy Posting! We look forward to hearing from you via the FORUM! 

Sarah & Craig