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Happy 99 1/2 B-day to Svend Asmussen!

Hey all,

Summer is soon over and autumn is coming little by little. I'm hoping all of you have had a great summer with many memorable musical moments. I've had a great summer but not much vacation though, been working really hard on finishing a lot of songs for the fall/winter releases in Japan and Korea. I also have a few songs coming out this fall with European artists in countries such as Spain and Romania.

I wanna take the opportunity to congratulate the legendary Danish violin maestro Svend Asmussen on his 99 1/2 birthday, which took place this past Friday. Svend has been active on the international music scene since the 1930's and he has had the opportunity to play with pioneers like Duke Ellington, Django Reinhardt, Stephane Grappelli, Fats Waller, Lionel Hampton and many more throughout his long carrer. Inspired by players like Joe Venuti, Stuff Smith and Grappelli, Svend created a swinging fidle style of his own and became a big star not only in Scandinavia but also world wide.

This is a very interesting article/interview with Svend that was done a few years ago when he was still active at age 94. 2 years ago at age 97, he encountered some serious health issues that stopped him from continuing playing and performing but he's still in great spirit and loves to keep in touch with the world of music.

I've had the great pleasure of being in touch with Svend for a few years and he's been very supportive of my music. It's a shame that we never had the opportunity to play together when he was still active performing but it's always a great feeling when one of the true legends appreciate what you do:)

I spoke with him and his wife Ellen on the phone the other day and congratulated him. I'm gonna try to stop by and visit them soon!

Best Regards Andreas