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How Long Have You Been Going Steady With ArtistWorks?

artistworks loyalty badgesWe live in a time where things like work, kids, (and maybe a little TV) keep us insanely busy. The little time we do get to ourselves is special and most of us rarely get to do anything for the pure pleasure of it. This is why it means so much to us that you have chosen to spend some of your spare time making music and art with us here at ArtistWorks.

We are particularly grateful for the support and participation of our most loyal students and would like to acknowledge your contributions to the community – you have inspired us to create a brand new Loyalty Badge Program! 

A badge will be awarded to you for each year that you are a member of ANY ArtistWorks school! To qualify, your membership doesn't have to be in only one school for the entire year (many of you like to study with several of our teachers). Just as long as you are with any ArtistWorks school for a year, without interruptions, you'll earn the badge. To start, the badge will be visible on your Student Page and in your Forum posts.

Many of you have already made ArtistWorks an integral part of your lives and have told us that you'll be members for life! Learning to play music is a lifelong journey and we hope to play a role in making this experience valuable and enjoyable for you for a long time to come. Thanks to all of you for continuing to help our community grow. Your presence here makes ArtistWorks better. 

Now get back to becoming the player you want to be, let's see that next Video Exchange!