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How to Noticeably Improve Your Playing in 30 Days

I’ve learned a lot... My friends have commented on the improvement, so it must be working.” - Joseph 

At ArtistWorks, we believe in setting goals you can achieve (not resolutions you'll dump by February). That's why we give you every tool you could need to improve your playing- from a supportive community, to hours of lessons, to personalized feedback from experts. ArtistWorks students get out of their lessons what they put into them, and they see real results.

Watch our newest video illustrating how powerful the difference in your playing can be with ArtistWorks:


Don't waste another day sitting on your talent, start working towards your goals with ArtistWorks. For a limited time, try us out for one month here

Today, we're highlighting some of our most improved students, so you can hear the difference (and get inspired!).

"My playing has changed dramatically." -Bill

JasonRoyal in David Bilger's Trumpet School

JasonRoyal has been studying Trumpet with ArtistWorks since 2013. In that time, he's submitted over 40 Video Exchanges to his world renowned instructor, David Bilger. In this recent Video Exchange, JasonRoyal learned how to play Royal Tomasi Movement 2.

"The possibilities for growing your musical skills are limitless!" -Joe

Otierney in Andy Hall's Dobro School

Owen, a Dobro student in Colorado, has been studying at ArtistWorks for over 2 years. In his first ever Video Exchange with instructor, Andy Hall, Owen tries his hand at playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" (at 90 bpm). 

"ArtistWorks has allowed me to take my Ukulele playing to the next level." -William

Afterosmosis in Guthrie Trapp's Electric Country Guitar School

Jay, a guitar student from New Mexico, started studying with ArtistWorks in 2016. In this video clip (from his first Video Exchange with Nashville Legend, Guthrie Trapp), Jay starts on his musical journey. He went on to learn how to play over changes and move between chords. 


Don't waste another day sitting on your talent, start working towards your goals with ArtistWorksFor a limited time, try us out for one month here.


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