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How to Outline Chord Changes on Guitar

Attention Beginners: Guthrie helps beginners take their playing to the next level! Recently Guthrie taught you the 1-3-5 method as a great way to get familiar with outlining chords in arpeggio patterns. This new lesson installment takes it a step further now using that 1-3-5 pattern to outline a 1-3-6m-1-4-5 progression in the Key of E. This lesson offers extra study materials to ensure you fully grasp all the knowledge Guthrie has to offer. Use the backing track and tablature in conjunction with the video lesson- and be rocking in no time!

Intermediate Players- there's more to learn for you too! Guthrie takes his lesson on outlining chord changes another step further. In his newest lesson, Guthrie teaches an intermediate version of the 1-3-5 pattern played over the 1-3-6m-1-4-5 progression in the Key of E. Just like before- lean on the extra learning materials that pair with this key instruction! This lesson is also complete with a backing track and tablature. Check out your lesson here.

So, whether you're a beginner or an intermediate player, there's always more you can learn! Click here to dive right into Guthrie's new lessons, and check back to stay in the loop on all the new content Guthrie Trapp has to share. 

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