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How to Play Guitar for Beginners

Whether you're just starting with the guitar, returning to it after decades apart, or wanting to reach the next level with your playing- you can learn a tremendous amount from our expert guitar instructors: Paul Gilbert, Jason Vieaux, Martin Taylor, Andreas Oberg, Keith Wyatt, Guthrie Trapp, Nathan East, John Patitucci, Bryan Sutton, Dave Stryker, and Andy Hall. We offer instruction in over 10 styles of guitar: Rock, Classical, Fingerstyle, Jazz, Blues, Country, Bluegrass, Electric BassJazz Bass, Dobro, and more

If you're a beginner, there are some basic skills you'll need before you start strumming. This handy resource goes over the first five things you'll need to know.  Here are a few more resources you'll want to look over before diving in:

These are only a few of the lessons our expert instructors cover in their ArtistWorks guitar schools. Scott Law goes over even more basics for beginners in his Acoustic Guitar 101 course. Always remember, only perfect practice makes for perfect playing, refer to our 7 Step Practice Guide for expert tips and tricks.  Also, make sure your guitar is in tune before doing anything else, use these guitar tuning notes to help out. 

No matter what level of guitar you're at, you can only get so far on your own. Using ArtistWorks Video Exchange, you can send practice videos to a guitar expert (and legend) for personalized feedback. Tons of guitar students submit these every day! You can read about some guitar students here

Feel like you're already a level above warm-ups and stretching tips? Maybe you're wondering how to improvise on guitar, or how to do pick muting. Check out some of these key resources for beginner to intermediatte players:

Guitar instructors at ArtistWorks aren't just there to teach you the skills, they're also there to keep you motivated and inspired. They've had storied careers, spanning world tours, platinum albums, to Grammy wins - and they'll able to share all their experience and talent with you. When you're soaking in that level of skill, you see improvements fast - and you'll hear the difference

Obviously, Guitar isn't all about the practice (though we'll even make that fun), it's also about shredding and rocking out. Check out some of our favorites: