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How to Sing Bluegrass with Michael Daves: Early Bird Sign-Ups Save 20%

Want to learn how to sing bluegrass?

Good news: Bluegrass Vocal Lessons are Coming Soon to ArtistWorks... AND, you can save 20% if you sign up now before we launch!

Michael Daves is the man with a plan when it comes to singing bluegrass. Although his golden voice alone speaks volumes, he has worked with some of the biggest names in the scene including Tony Trischka, Steve Martin, Chris Thile, Rosanne Cash and more. His curriculum at ArtistWorks is designed for everyone - regardless of your prior singing experience, this is everything anyone would ever need to know about how to sing bluegrass. Your voice will shine like the sun whenever you break it out at a jam.

The lessons include a combination of technique training, ear training exercises, and of course - plenty of bluegrass standards. Divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced sections, there are hundreds of lessons which break down many of the most famous bluegrass songs. 

To make it even easier for you, the songs are taught in multiple keys so you can find one that's comfortable for your vocal range. For each of the bluegrass tunes, the lessons are split into multiple segments broken down by:

  • Introduction and Backgroundhistory of the tune and who brought it to popularity
  • High Lead Vocal: the main part of the melody, typically sung by females
  • High Tenor Vocal: the harmony just above the lead part, typically sung by females
  • High Performance: hear an example of the high lead part sung all the way through
  • Low Lead Vocal: the main part of the melody, typically sung by males
  • Low Tenor Vocal: the harmony just above the lead part, typically sung by males
  • Low Performance: hear an example of the low lead part sung all the way through

The Advanced section does also include breakdowns of the Baritone bass part, so you can practice up on your 3 part harmony singing - get those low notes sounding clean! 

Each lesson includes additional study materials such as MP3 backing tracks, music notation, metronome and more. There’s also Special Guest sections with people like Peter Rowan and Laurie Lewis where you’ll learn more about how to sing harmony - plus hear some fantastic stories from these legendary artists.

This is your chance to take your knowledge of bluegrass singing to the next level.  

For a limited time, Save 20% when you sign up now before we launch!

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