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The Importance of Practice

We recently shared this cartoon from Odd Quartet about the importance of practice on our Facebook page to much enthusiasm. It seemed to strike a chord with our followers, which makes us happy because the importance of practicing cannot be understated.

importance of practice

Just ask Bryan Sutton who teaches flatpicking guitar at ArtistWorks, he was interviewed recently by Bluegrass Today about his thoughts on the importance of practice. 

When asked about what an effective practice strategy, Bryan had this to say:

"I really believe in the small, deliberate, and manageable chunk of time process. Having a goal for the next 15 minutes is great when you’re practicing. I encourage students to maintain an awareness of how they’re playing, not just what they’re playing.
flatpicking guitar
"I like the idea of borrowing from the athletic work out technique of warm-up, work, and cool down. Again, working with deliberate, conceived ideas and goals in manageable chunks is very effective.
"I encourage folks to record themselves, and I also really endorse the idea of having a regular jam session to attend. The jam session is where you can really feel the progress you’re making, and feel the areas that need work." -  Bryan Sutton