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Important Update for Country Vocals Students

ArtistWorks has some important news about the Country Vocals School and your membership. 

On May 1st we will transition ArtistWorks Country Vocals with Lari White into a “library only” course. This means that the lessons and existing Video Exchanges will still be available to watch, but students will no longer be able to exchange videos with substitute instructor Kristen Rogers. 

If you have a video that you would like to submit for feedback while Kristen is still assisting in the school, you’ll have until April 30th to send it in. Kristen will make sure that everyone receives a response so don’t hesitate to send one to her. 

After the transition on May 1st, the lessons in the Country Vocal school will still be available but without the ability to submit videos for feedback. If you’d like to move your membership to another school just email customer service and we’ll gladly assist you. 

We’re happy that we have been able to uphold Lari’s legacy while still providing the best learning experience for our students. It will be our privilege to continue to provide a home for the lessons that Lari worked so hard to create. 

If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to email us at [email protected] or call at (800) 326-5596.