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Jazz Guitar Chords: "Autumn Leaves"

Jazz Guitar Chords - "Autumn Leaves"Hello everyone. I’m jazz guitarist and ArtistWorks instructor Dave Stryker, and welcome to my second pop-up lesson on jazz guitar chords. In the last lesson, I showed you some useful jazz chords on the song “Blue Bossa” by Kenny Dorham using my Strikes Machine chord page.


In this lesson, I will demonstrate jazz guitar chords using the same Strikes Machines chord page on the standard “Autumn Leaves”. To begin, try practicing the first 4 bars in a loop with a metronome, over and over, until your hands are comfortable moving from one chord to the next (like a “machine” - get it?).

Strikes Machine Chord Page

Strikes Machine Chord Page



C- F9 / Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 /

Now do the same with the next 4 bars

Amin7b5 D7#9 / G-     / /

Now put those 8 bars together.

Next try the bridge:

A-7b5 D7#9 / G-    / / C- / F9    / Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 / Amin7b5 D7#9 /G- C9 / F-9 C13 /

Ebmaj7 / Amin7b5 D7#9 / G-     / II


Here are the complete chord changes for Autumn Leaves:


II: C-   F9 / Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 / Amin7b5 D7#9 / G-     / :II

A-7b5 D7#9 / G-    / / C- / F9    / Bbmaj7 Ebmaj7 / Amin7b5 D7#9 /G- C9 / F-  Bb9 /

Ebmaj7 / Amin7b5 D7#9 / G-     / II


There you have it, folks! Repeat the chord sequence with a metronome until you can play “Autumn Leaves” smoothly and with ease. Next you can learn the melody and solo ideas to make the song more intricate and challenging. If you are interested in learning about phrasing, soloing, or improvisation, or if you’re looking for jazz guitar lessons that provide a deeper understanding of simple jazz guitar chords for beginners, intermediate and advanced players, click HERE. If you need a little introduction prior to diving in, try out my Free Online Sample Lessons and get started today!


Hope to see you online!

- Dave Stryker


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