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Jazz Piano with George Whitty: Making Jazz Chords

In this video, ArtistWorks jazz piano teacher George Whitty shows you how to make that “classic jazz sound” on piano using some simple chord modifications. If you already know some piano basics, this is a great way to incorporate jazz harmony in your playing. Using some basic triads you may already know, we can put them to good use here and get some really nice jazz colors with just some basic chord types.

With your left hand, start with a 7th chord using the notes C, E, G, B Flat. For this exercise, all you really need to play are the 3rd and the 7th of any chord - these are called the “guide tones” since they contain all the information you need about the basic function of the chord.

Then with your right hand, try adding an “A Flat Triad” on top of the notes. What you’ll notice is that it results in a classic jazz sound. George also shows you some other things you can play with your right hand over basic chords with your left hand, so be sure to try them out as you practice.

This is just a quick look at how you can unlock the potential of basic chords and make some really cool jazz chords. George gets much more in depth in the jazz piano curriculum at ArtistWorks, so check out the link here for more info about how it works: Other things he explores in those lessons are: why these chord combinations work, how they work, and how you can use these chords to compose your own music.

jazz piano lessons with george whitty

Learn Jazz Piano Online with George Whitty online at ArtistWorks! Click below for more info and free sample lessons:

Learn more about jazz piano lessons at ArtistWorks

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